Make a Michael Jackson Costume

Honor the King of Pop this Halloween with this Michael Jackson Costume How-To

After the tragic death of Michael Jackson, thousands of fans decided to honor him through imitation. Tribute artists all over the world are suiting up to honor the memory of Michael and to keep the spirit of his music alive for years to come.

Make your own Michael Jackson costume this Halloween season and show off your best moves.

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The Hair

Michael Jackson Costume. Dave Hogan / Getty Images

If there is anything more distinct than Micheal's nose, it's his hair. His dark spiraled locks are easy to imitate with a cheap wig.

How do you get all your hair up in that wig? Check out How to Wear a Halloween Wig.

If you've already go your own ebony strands, use a curling iron to achieve a plethora of dangling curls. Spray liberally with hairspray and gel up the front in a slight left-side part.

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The Glove

Michael Jackson Costume
Michael Jackson Costume. Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Every Michael Jackson costume needs a sequined glove. You can make your own glittering glove in a couple of ways.

  • Buy a 1/4 yard of glittering silver fabric and make a single glove using one of these free glove tutorials. Gloves are easier to make than you think.
  • Buy a pair of white gloves from the store and simply paint one of the gloves with silvery glitter. This makes for a stiff glove when the paint dries, but it's a quick solution to a gloveless hand.
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The Jacket

Michael Jackson Costume
Michael Jackson Costume. Rod Rolle / Getty Images

Michael was never a shoddy dresser. You've got to class it up to properly play Michael, and a jacket is a quick way to buff up any outfit.

Suit jackets are easy to find at any local thrift store. Find one that isn't too big and top it off with a cloth cuff on the upper right arm. The cuff can be made out of just about anything- from a fabric scrap to a scarf.

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Skinny Pants

Michael Jackson Costume
Michael Jackson Costume. Dave Hogan / Getty Images

With the pants, you can get away with a pair of dark skinny jeans, but try to find a pair of dress pants that are a good fit. Just make sure not to go with something baggy.

If you're wearing a light-colored jacket, dark pants will work. Either match the jacket impeccably or go for full contrast. You can even make your own pants for the perfect fit and color.

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Aviator Glasses and a Sash

Michael Jackson Costume
Michael Jackson Costume. Dave Hogan / Getty Images

The Glasses: This is a really easy way to add authenticity to your Michael Jackson costume. The best part is that this accessory can be found as close as your corner gas station. Just be sure to make them a dark don't want to look like Elvis, here.

The Sash: A simple red sash can be Michael-ified by bedazzling it with sequins and glitter. Wear it over the jacket.

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Shiny Shoes

Michael Jackson Costume
Michael Jackson Costume. Scorpio / Getty Images

With Michael, there are a couple of shoe looks that work best.

  • A shiny pair of oxfords if you are going for that suit and tie Jackson look.
  • A pair of tall combat boots ala early 90's Jackson.
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The Face

Michael Jackson Makeup
Michael Jackson Makeup. Junko Kimura / Getty Images

Even before he was powdering his face, Michael had fantastic eyelashes. If you're a guy and squeamish about wearing makeup, then skip this step and amp up the rest of your costume to make up for it.

  • Eyes: Dark eyeliner at the corner of the eyes and a dark mascara on the lashes.
  • Face: MJ was never shy about the blush. Just a sweep of peach or light pink blush on the cheeks.
  • Lips: Like it or not, Michael wore lipstick later in life. A rosy red lip liner will give the right effect without being too shiny. Line the lips, then fill in with the liner. It will also last longer than lipstick.
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Just Dress like a 30's Gangster

Michael Jackson Costume
Michael Jackson Costume. Dave Hogan / Getty Images

I've found that the key to an easy and successful Michael Jackson costume is to simply add the wig, makeup, and glove to a typical gangster costume.

The hat, suit, tie and shoes that Michael adored are all elements of sharp dressers in the 30's. Build your own zoot suit with the elements mentioned above, or get a cheap gangster costume at a local Halloween store.

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The Attitude

Michael Jackson Costume
Michael Jackson Costume. Tony J. Redburn / Getty Images

The most important part of any costume is to act the part. Here are a few Michael characteristics that will add to the act.

  • The high-pitched voice.
  • Practice your moonwalk and crotch-grabbing tiptoe moves.
  • Work song titles into conversation. "We're late for the party. Let's 'Beat It'." 
  • Mention Janet, Tito, and the rest of the Jacksons. Remember that time you all sang at the Apollo?
  • Check out a Michael Jackson biography for more tidbits.
  • Steer clear of mentioning his controversies so everyone can enjoy your accurate Michael persona. If you are playing the Thriller role, try to honor his performance, and refrain from references about MJ having passed on. It's just not in good taste.
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Thriller Costume

Thriller Costume
Thriller Costume. Pricegrabber

Creating a Thriller costume means getting your hands on a red suit. A shiny track suit will do in a pinch, one with a jacket that zips up the front.

Add the characteristic V-shaped accent to the jacket by using a couple strips of black cloth. Stretch the cloth from the middle front of the outfit to the middle back of the outfit. To hold them in place, use safety pins at the shoulders and where the strips meet at the front and back of the jacket.

This year, Thriller costumes are being made to appease fan requests. Make this costume look authentic without going overboard by only buying the Thriller jacket, then create the rest of the costume yourself.