Make a Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume

Is this cute gypsy costume in your future?

Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume
Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume. Rain Blanken

A gypsy costume is easy to make. You just need a few basic elements to pull the whole thing off. Any extras can be added to the look as long as you have these few key pieces.

The Top:
Wear a puffy shirt, something made out of a lightweight material, and preferably cream colored (but you can go with any color and still pull this off). Use an off the shoulder shirt, or something with a loose collar.

Top Extras:
Add a simple vest, costume corset, or simply cinch the waist with a thick leather belt, as shown. This extra element on the top lends another layer of interest but isn't necessary.

The Skirts:
(Full-length photo) Flowing, layered skirts are another main element of this outfit. Don't wear anything too slinky or form-fitting. Keep it loose, and layer different lengths of skirts. If you don't have a shorter skirt, just bunch up one side of the skirt to the waist and safety pin it, like we did with the brown skirt on the gypsy costume shown here.

Add a long, wide scarf to layer up the skirts some more, like the bright green scarf we used, here. Tie it on the same side that you pinned up your top skirt.

The Headscarf:
Along with a puffy shirt and layered skirts, the headscarf is a key element to this costume. Use a long, wide scarf for this. Tie it around your head and leave the ends of the scarf to dangle on the back or side of your head. You can even tie a square bandanna on for the skullcap look.

The Jewelry:
Large hoop earrings and a multitude of metallic bangles on the arms. Add some dripping necklaces if you like, but it isn't required to achieve the look.

Shoes or Boots?:
In our photo, you can see the model is wearing a pair of soft leather sandals inlaid with stones. You can go with sandals, leather shoes or even knee-high boots. As long as the material is leathery and natural looking, you should be good.

Here are some great gypsy accessories to try with your outfit:

  • Tambourine
  • Crystal ball
  • Tarot cards (make a tarot card bag)
  • Belt pouch (make one)
  • A black cat (if one happens to be handy!)

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