Make a Fake Mustache: Step by Step

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Make a Fake Mustache

Make a Fake Mustache
Your new mustache is just minutes away. Rain Blanken

You and Barbie are going to make a mustache together at home. That's right, Barbie's silken hair makes for great mustache hair, and it saves you a trip to the costume store. I couldn't find any good instructions on how to make a mustache, so I figured this one out on my own. I'll show you my recipe for a fake mustache with this simple tutorial.

What You'll Need

  • Printable mustache template
  • A Barbie in need of a haircut
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]
  • A Sandwich Bag
  • Permanent marker
  • Rubber Cement

Once you have these few materials gathered, we can get started.


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Choose Your Mustache

Make a Fake Mustache
Choose a mustache and trace. Rain Blanken

Print this free mustache template and cut out the mustache you want to use. Trace your mustache onto the sandwich bag with a permanent marker.

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Give Barbie a Haircut

Make a Fake Mustache
Just like when you were eight. Rain Blanken

Cut just enough from Barbie to cover your mustache, plus one inch. In this case, I wanted to do a goatee from the beards template, so I cut long pieces of hair to lay over both the goatee and the mustache. Snip the hair in small bunches so that it is easier to handle.

If you want to get out some childhood angst while chopping her hair, that's up to you. Personally, I called my mom and told her exactly what I was doing. Then I ate ice cream for dinner and told her about that, too. Next, we will coat the baggie in rubber cement.

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Add the First Layer of Glue and Hair

Make a Fake Mustache
Apply an inch above the top line. Rain Blanken

Brush rubber cement over your mustache stencil, as well as up to an inch above the top line. It is important to cover more than your mustache stencil at the top so that the hair will stay on. Wait a few seconds and coat the baggie again.

Lay a lock of hair in the middle of the mustache, overlapping the top line of your stencil so that the hair sticks in the additional adhesive at the top. Use your fingertip to gently spread the lock of hair out a bit. If you get rubber cement on your fingers, rub your fingers vigorously together to make the glue ball up so you can pick it off.

Continue to lay locks of hair into the glue and arrange them carefully so that the hair is spread relatively evenly. Don't worry too much about gaps at this point, as we will add another layer.

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Add the Second Layer

Make a Fake Mustache
Drizzle, apply and wait. Rain Blanken

Lift your rubber cement brush straight out of the bottle. The idea here is to drizzle the adhesive over the hair you have already applied. Move in horizontal lines over your mustache area, and drizzle yo mizzle.

Lay more locks of hair vertically over the drizzled area. You can spread these a bit, making sure that the strands are laying in the glue. If your mustache isn't looking filled-out, repeat this step.

Wait a 1/2 hour or until all the glue is dry. Next, you can cut out your mustache and try it on.

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Cut Out and Wear

Make a Fake Mustache
This is a hot look for me. Rain Blanken

Cut the front of your baggie away from the unused side. You can save that for more mustache and beardy fun. Flip the side over that you have glued hair to. You should be able to see your stencil now. Cut out your mustache straight along the top, but cut only the baggie at the sides and bottom. This way, the hair dangles and it looks more natural. You can trim these hairs to look the way you want it when you try it on.

Use 'spirit gum' to adhere the mustache to your face. Spirit gum is sold with fake eyelashes, and can easily be found in a costume shop or department store during the Halloween season. Since we used a baggie, it will peel up easily when you're done with your disguise.

Make a beard to go along with your new 'stache, or try making a yarn wig.