Make a Catwoman Costume

Make a Catwoman Costume

Cosplayer Chrissy Lynn Kyle as Catwoman
Cosplayer Chrissy Lynn Kyle as Catwoman. Albert L. Ortega / Contributor / Getty Images

Ever want to make a Catwoman costume? Catwoman is not only one of the sexy foes of the Batman series; she becomes Batman's lover on a number of occasions. If you think you've got the sass and mystery to portray this naughty kitten, look no further than this Catwoman costume tutorial. Even you can make a Catwoman costume. 

The best part about playing Catwoman is that she has had a multitude of costume changes over the years. Just like with her morals, there are loose rules to her costume. Check out these photos to see all the variations of her costume over the years. These are some guidelines based on versions of Catwoman's past. 

  • The Hood - Catwoman's most unique costume piece is her hood with kitty ears.
  • (Instead of Hood) Ears and Mask - You can go cheap and simply wear a pair of cat ears, but you should also wear a black eye mask so that people know you're trying to be Catwoman.
  • The Outfit – As played by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992's Batman Returns, you could go all-out with a full-bodied vinyl number decked out in stitches. For this, you'll need to make a catsuit. Yes, it's really called a 'catsuit'.The easy way to do this is to find a black leotard and black leggings. You can wear these as-is, but for a more authentic costume, chop the waist of the leotard and the top of the leggings. Stitch together to make a one-piece suit. If you really want to venture into the world of making you own vinyl catsuit, try these tips from Somewhat Stretchy.
    You could go Halle Barry, though and her version of Catwoman of 2004. This is going to require a pair of tight black pants, a black bra or halter top, and a black leather belt. Emulate Barry's style by cutting the belt in two and stitching the ends to crisscross over the stomach area and attach to the pants. Here are some reference photos of Barry's costume. Remember to slash up the legs of your pants. Darn cats.
    Keep in mind that these aren't the only Catwoman styles known to man. Catwoman has lots of versions to her costume, so as long as you've got on black pants and a hot black top, no one will be complaining. You don't need a catsuit to make a Catwoman costume.
  • The Gloves – For a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, your gloves should run right into the sleeves of your catsuit. For a Halle Barry Catwoman, wear long black gloves that end above the elbow. You can alter an existing pair of gloves to get this look by adding a tube of fabric to the wrist. Remember that Catwoman is a dynamic character, though, and she's worn everything from purple gloves to no gloves at all in the comics.
  • The Legs - You can wear a pair of black pants or leggings as mentioned above, but don't forget that you could also wear any pair of black pants and get away with it. Purple pants even work to make a Catwoman costume.
  • The Shoes – In the comic, Catwoman wears both heels and boots. As long as you go with a black boot or heel, you'll be fine in this department.
  • The Belt: The belt is a great way to complete your Catwoman costume. In the comics, she has worn everything from thick black belts to gold circular belts. Any big belt is going to work. 
  • The Cape - Yep, in some older versions of the Batman comics, Catwoman is sporting a purple cape with a hood. Some newer comics show her with a hoodless black cape.
  • The Goggles- Catwoman's latest reinvention shows her sporting a rather large pair of tinted goggles. They look a lot like ski goggles, so perusing your sporting goods store might score you some cheap goggles. 
  • The Hair – Selena Kyle, Catwoman's alter-ego, is usually shown with yellow hair, but this won't really matter if you'll be sporting that slick hood. If you are just wearing kitty ears, go for either soft curls or a wild mane of black hair.
  • Make a Whip- Catwoman's trusty whip can be easily made using an old jump rope. Cut off one of the handles and fray the end of the rope. Spray paint the entire jump rope black.
  • The Face – For Catwoman's dark temperament, try a smokey eye. Her lips are always covered, so go with a smattering of dark red or black lipstick. Black eyeliner and lip balm work great for black lipstick in a pinch.

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