15 Major Fashion Brands That Had The Funniest Photoshop Fails

These big name brands are all guilty of hilariously bad Photoshop.

Photoshop mistakes happen frequently in print and online advertisements, so it's fun to play a game of "Spot the Photoshop fail" when you're shopping. Catching a vain celebrity getting busted editing their social media pics, a guy trying to fool people into thinking he's got a hot girlfriend, or seeing a model with missing body parts, extra hands or other unintentional anatomical anomalies is a favorite pastime of internet readers everywhere. Moreover, inept graphic designers seem to offer endless grist for the Photoshop fail mill.

True story: Sometimes these image leave us wondering if these designers have ever even seen a real live human body before!  Check out 15 major fashion brands who've been found guilty of using Photoshop... really bad Photoshop.

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J. Crew

J. Crew has been a popular clothing brand for decades, but thankfully, they're not in the hair care business. Looks like one of their designers abandoned this image before replacing the model's hair. Why was the hair even removed in the first place? The world may never know.

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This is a classic Photoshop mistake! It's not hard to spot the problem here, but it is hard to imagine how anyone who works for a high-end fashion brand like Shiseido could have let this go to print.

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Ralph Lauren

This image of a ridiculously thin model is actually the second time that Ralph Lauren was publicly called-out for over-Photoshopping his ads. In 2009, the famous designer's spokespeople issued a very contrite public apology for over-Photoshopping this perfectly thin model to emaciated proportions. Later, in 2010, Filippa Hamilton, the model who appeared in one of Lauren's controversial photos, claimed that the company had fired her for being too fat. Yes, really.

Seriously, what the heck happened here? Her head is wider than her waist!

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Chanel Photoshop Fail
Via BuzzFeed.

Coco Chanel once said, "You can never be too rich or too thin," but we don't think she was talking about giraffe necks....

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Victoria's Secret


Victoria's Secret is a frequent flyer on the Photoshop Disasters site, with more Photoshop mistakes under their belt (see what I did there?) than any other brand. This is one of our favorites. Perhaps this is a case of something that should have been edited out, but wasn't.

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JC Penney


JC Penney managed to tell a miniature horror tale with this ad. "It was a great night out with the girls, when suddenly Jackie unhinged her jaw and swallowed Pam whole!" Scary.

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Emporio Armani


Considering that singer Beyonce Knowles's public relations people try very hard to control the star's public image, it's hard to believe that this crazy Armani perfume ad slipped by them unnoticed! Poor Bey looks completely deformed!

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Dust Jeans


Maybe the people at Dust Jeans thought we'd be too busy looking at their product to notice that the model was holding hands with... no one.

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Target Photoshop Fail
Via E! Online.

This bikini model got so badly botched in post-production that Target was forced to remove the image and issue a statement and apology.

It seems that an over-zealous photo editor decided that this already-thin model needed a bigger thigh gap, so POOF! There went her crotch. Add in some weird sharp edges under her arms and you've got yourself one of the best (WORST) Photoshop fails of the year.

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Jean Paul Gaultier


Another absolute classic, this of haute couture at its weirdest! This model doesn't have a leg to stand on. Or, rather, her legs are more next to her than on her. A Photoshop disaster in the truest sense of the word.

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With a thick, triangular neck like that, we're not sure whether this is a lingerie model or a linebacker! Another example of a mistake that they thought no one would ever notice.

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McDonald's Photoshop Fail
Via McDonald's/ BuzzFeed.

You'd think that a gigantic corporation like McDonald's could find a little bit more in their design budget for a decent Photoshopper! Instead, they gave this model a claw with which to clutch her crappy McD's coffee cup. We're NOT lovin' it.

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Old Navy

Old Navy Photoshop fail
Via Old Navy/PS Disasters.

Old Navy cut a few corners with this ad, while also managing to give their model three hands.  Count 'em: 1, 2, 3, 4...5?


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Frederick's of Hollywood


The longer you look at this strange hunk of lady meat, the weirder it gets. Did they erase her bum, or is her thigh pregnant? We can't make heads or tails of it. Very strange.

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Photoshop
Via Urban Outfitters/PS Disasters.

Instead of simply slimming down this model's legs, they managed to take one completely off! How did this ever get past the editors?

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