Tips for Using the Maine Child Support Calculator Worksheet

Estimate child support payments with the ME child support calculator worksheet

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The Maine child support calculator worksheet takes into account the gross annual pay of both parents. According to Title 19-A of the Maine Revised Statutes (19-A M.R.S. §§ 2004), when either parent files for child support, both parents must complete and submit detailed, accurate income affidavits. The state then uses that information to formally calculate child support payments and issue a child support order. And while the state does not provide an actual child support calculator on their website, they do offer an easy-to-read "Maine child support calculator worksheet" that parents can use to estimate child support payments.

Tips for Using the Maine Child Support Calculator Worksheet

When using the calculator worksheet (also known as the Maine Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligation), be sure to:

  • Use the worksheet as a generate estimate; child support payments are not final until a formal child support order is issued by the court
  • Base the estimate on the total combined income of both parents
  • Be sure to use gross income vs. 'net' 
  • For the most accurate assessment, use recent tax returns and/or pay stubs to determine income amounts
  • Remember that the income numbers on the worksheet reflect annual income, but the child support amounts shown are what is owed weekly, per child
  • To estimate annual child support payments, multiply the weekly amount by 52
  • To estimate monthly child support payments, multiply the weekly amount by 52 and then divide that number by 12
  • Note that the state of Maine breaks child support down into two age brackets: children ages 0-11 and children ages 12-17
  • Parents may have children in multiple age brackets, making it more difficult to use the calculator worksheet to determine child support payments
  • Parents must also recognize that the calculator worksheet gives you the amount owed per child, per week; see the examples below for more information
  • Remember that the Maine child support calculator worksheet is intended to provide a quick reference and should not be considered final or legally binding

Sample Calculations Using the Maine Child Support Calculator Worksheet

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in Maine is $48,453. Based on that figure, the average child support payment for two children ages 0-11 would be $113 per child, per week. That's $11,752 per year or $979 per month. 

Maine's child support calculator worksheet presumes that child rearing becomes more expensive as children grow older. So numbers for the example above—combined income of $48,453 with two children—would be slightly higher for children ages 12-17. In that case, the weekly child support payment would jump to $140 per child, per week. Over the course of a year, that's $14,560 (or $1,213 per month). Remember that courts take many things into account when setting child support payments so do not be surprised if your payments differ from what your calculator tells you. However, the calculator worksheet can prepare you for the most likely scenario.