Magic Wand Original


The Bottom Line

The Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand has come to be known as the Cadillac of vibrators. Popularized by the Bay area sex shop Good Vibrations and Betty Dodson, the Magic Wand Original is a classic must-have sex toy for vibrator lovers. Its strong consistent vibrations provide sexual stimulation and pleasure that is like no other sex toy and the soft tennis ball size head make it great for solo or partner use.

The Magic Wand Original comes with a one year warranty but will last far longer, and has the benefit of being an excellent full body massager as well.


  • Excellent quality motor, comes with a warrantee and will last for years.
  • Strong consistent vibration.
  • Soft head massager makes it comfortable for individual and partner use.
  • Good for full body massage, not just for sexual use.
  • Plug-in electric vibrator means no running out of batteries.


  • May be too strong for some people, only two speed settings.
  • More expensive than battery vibrators, may not be good for first time purchasers.
  • Plug-in means you need to be near an electrical outlet.
  • Some may find it too loud.


  • Two speed, wand style electric massager.
  • The body is made of hard plastic with a soft vinyl head.
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • Several attachments are available to allow for penetration.

Guide Review - Magic Wand Original


The Magic Wand Original is usually listed as one of the top rated and top selling vibrators by discerning sex toy shops and sex toy lovers.

Designed as a full body massager, sexual pleasure seekers early on discovered that its soft head, deep and powerful vibration, and wand design make it great for sexual stimulation.

The Magic Wand is still manufactured by Hitachi but in 2013 they upgraded the product and at the same time removed their brand name from the product.

Out of the box, the Magic Wand is designed made for external stimulation only, but several companies have designed attachments that fit over the head of the toy and can be used for penetration (they are all safe for vaginal or anal penetration).

While some people are intimidated by the size and power of the Magic Wand, as you begin to use it, it feels neither unwieldy nor too strong. Even the sound, which at first seems loud, melts into the background.

It is ideal for people who need and prefer stronger stimulation, and the plug in power source means you never run out of batteries. For many people it might be too strong at first, but you can build up by starting with a towel between yourself and the head of the massager.

It's long handle makes it easy to use on your own or to fit between bodies during sex play.