Exercise to Increase Golf Swing Speed

A Lunge With a Twist to Strengthen Golfers' Muscles

Man hitting a ball on the golf course.
Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

Many golfers are looking to improve their golf swing power, distance and golf swing speed in a search for longer drives, but most of them are looking in the wrong place — focusing on the club instead of the engine powering the stroke: the golfer's body.

Golfers who seriously want to improve their drive strength should look beyond the $500 drivers to the core of what makes a good drive: muscle control and power. A person's body dictates his or her golfing ability, so golf weight training exercises are some of the quickest ways to improving golf swing speed and power off the tee.

Combining the golf strength of a golfer's core and lower and upper body is an approach that will yield rapid results and enhanced performance when driving the ball down the fairway toward the hole, and the best exercise to achieve these results are what's known as a "Lunge With a Twist."

How to Do the Lunge With a Twist Excercise

In order to properly perform the Lunge With a Twist, one will first need a weighted medicine ball like the one pictured above (or a similar weight to use while strengthening upper muscles and core. Then, follow these four steps to master the exercise and strengthen a majority of the muscles needed to improve golf drives.

  • Step 1: Assume a standing position with your arms straight and hanging down in front of you, holding your medicine ball or dumbbell.
  • Step 2: As you step forward with one leg, rotate your upper body to that same side, holding the medicine ball or dumbbell chest high the whole time.
  • Step 3: Return to starting position and do the opposite leg.
  • Step 4: Repeat each side 10 times for 3 sets.

If you are consistent with this exercise, you will see improvement in your golf swing speed, power, and distance in a very short period of time.

Other Important Exercises for Golfers

Although the Lunge With a Twist works out most of the core muscles needed to enhance golf swing speed, power, and distance at once, golfers should also get in the practice of a regular exercise routine to focus on different muscle groups needed for better performance.

As athletes, golfers must have absolute control of their swings in order to move the ball precisely where they intend as efficiently as possible toward the hole. For this reason, golfers should exercise regularly to maintain a level of control over the upper, core, and lower muscles associated with golfing.

At least one day of cardio (running, etc), one day of weight training and one day of squats and leg exercises are recommended as part of a golfer's weekly exercise regimen to maintain core strength needed for the longest drives. This, paired with occasional Lunges With a Twist, will ensure golfers are swinging the best they can.