Lube for Lesbians - The Best Lubricants for Lesbian Sex

The Best Lube for Different Sexual Acts

Basic Lube Info

First of all, stay away from any oil-based lubes. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's all "natural" and "from the earth" and all that jazz, but oil isn't good for women’s bodies. Or condoms, gloves or toys made of latex. Quality sex lubes are water-based or silicone-based.

Second, avoid any lube or lubricated condom with nonoxynol-9 (spermicide) in it--it DRASTICALLY increases your chances of contracting HIV if you have sex with an infected partner.

It's because nonoxynol-9 is corrosive. That's what makes it a good sperm killer, and why so many women feel itchy and rashy after using it. It tastes like ass pickled in vinegar, anyway. So don't bother.

Third, if you're prone to yeast or bladder infections, try to avoid lubes containing glycerin. It seems to promote the growth of yeast & bacteria in women who have problems with chronic infection. Ok, on to the good stuff!

The Best Lubes for Oral Sex

Many people going down don't like to use lube; they don't want anything to compete with getting female juices up to their ears and eyeballs. (Understandable.) But, if you suffer from dry mouth, or if the receiving partner has exceptionally delicate skin (this can be especially true for women after chemo or radiation treatments), adding a little lubricant can make things much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, some of the best sex lubes have a terrible aftertaste.

And, many flavored lubes are full of sugar and glycerin, making them incompatible with vaginas. What to do? I suggest one of two options: 1)Sliquid Swirl is a tasty, water-based, sugar-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free, vegan line of lubes available in 4 flavors. 2)Any high quality, medical grade silicone lube (such as Swiss Navy, Pink, Eros, or Pjur) will do.

They are completely taste-free, and you'll only need a tiny smidge. (Both those options work for fellatio, as well.)

*Special note to overzealous partners about silicone: You only need a teeny tiny bit. Don't go nuts. It's very effective in small amounts. Like a few drops. No, really. I appreciate your enthusiasm. But if you go chugging half a bottle of silicone, it's going to have a laxative effect. Silicone makes things move, you see. (Psst...that's also one of the reasons we know it doesn't get "absorbed" by your tissues. It goes right through and out the other side. Doctors have been giving silicone for profound constipation for years.)

The Best Lube for Use with Dildos

First, ask yourself two questions: 1) what's my dildo made of, and 2) Am I willing to use a condom on it? Your answers will dictate what lube you CAN use.

Silicone is definitely the superior material for dildos. It's inert, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and sterilizable. Just one thing: you can't use silicone lube directly on a silicone dildo. Which is too bad...silicone lubes stay slippery FOREVER, and you only need to use a little tiny bit. But if you put a condom on your silicone dildo, you CAN use silicone lube. AHA!

(You also get to be lazy when it comes to cleanup.) If you don't want to use condoms, you can use any water based lube.

If your toy is made of latex or some other soft plastic, use a water based lube. They're easiest to wash off. I really do recommend you use condoms on these toys, as they tend to be porous and can harbor bacteria, and they often sweat toxic chemical softeners as they age.

Our best selling water-based lubes are Liquid Silk (very long lasting, and it's creamy appearance make it good for gender play) and Sliquid H2O (virtually chemical free and vegan).

Best Lube for Anal Sex

The best lubes are THICK, gel-like water based lubes, like Maximus, Slippery Stuff Gel, or Astroglide Gel Formula. Thicker lubes provide more bulk and cushion, which help protect your delicate rectal tissues. They also stay where you put them...which is nice, considering that you have to use lots & lots of lube for anal play. NEVER, NEVER use any kind of numbing creams or lubes for anal sex (the ingredients list would say "benzocaine" or "lidocaine"). Anal play done PROPERLY to a healthy butt never hurts. Really. I mean it.

Best Lube for Hand Jobs

Yay, genital massage! I like silicone for this. It's long lasting, and if it turns into a full body massage, silicone lube makes a good massage medium...or if you want to finish off with your mouth, the taste won't kill you. However...if you're having a quickie in the car or the bathroom, silicone can stain fabrics, so if you want to leave with no evidence, water-based lube might be better. I've also noticed that a good double-palmful of a thick water-based lube like Maximus or Slippery Stuff Gel makes VERY satisfying squelchy noises if you're going for over-the-top porno effect. I guess it depends on what you're after.

Best Lube for Vibrators

Like with dildos, you have to know what your vibe is made of, and if you'll use a condom on it. Though with vibrators, many are made of hard plastic, which is compatible with all lubes in addition to being easy to clean. Only some vibes get inserted into the body--but if you find that putting a little lube on your toy enhances the sensation you get from it, even with external use, go for it!

Things to remember about lube:

  1. Everybody needs it once in awhile
  2. What works for you may not work for your lover. That's why there's so many! Experiment.
  3. Always read the bottle; check for ingredients that are known allergens/irritants to you
  4. Buy small bottles until you find something that works great
  5. Keep experimenting! Try testers & pillow packs. New product comes out all the time!
  6. Keep bottles tightly closed, and buy a new one after a year or two if you haven't used it up.

Copyright 2009 Brandy Woudstra