Low Maintenance Haircuts That Look Great

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A Short Textured Style

Good Looks with Little Work © António Nunes | Dreamstime.com.

Easy Care Hairstyles for Men

Many active men prefer an easy haircut that looks great with little maintenance. For active men year round, or for any time of the year when hats are necessary, all these styles need is a quick run-through with the fingers.

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This is a great option for a guy looking for style with almost no work. The hair is cropped short all over the head with a bit of extra length on top. The style is achieved by applying a dab of pomade and simply running the side to side over the top of the head to add texture and separation. 15 seconds and you're done.

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Casual Tousled Style

If Your Hair is Straight © Jason Kempin | Getty Images.

Arguably the hottest guy on television, Chace Crawford is always stylish but it looks as though he's put very little effort into it. For a guy with straight hair, a dab of finishing cream and a quick shake is all you need. Chace, however, has a slight wave to his hair so the straight separated looks is achieved by using a flat iron on the front.

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Touchable Texture

An Easy Style For Trendy Guys © Fotovisioni | Dreamstime.com.

This style is achieved by applying a bit of gel to the hair and drying it by brushing the hair back with the fingers. When dry, a small bit of gel may be used to twist the ends of sections to create a bit more texture on top. Done properly, this style can be achieved in less than two minutes. When a hat is necessary, the shorter sides will minimize hat head and the style may be put back in place with just a bit of water on damp hands to reactivate the gel. As a quicker alternative, you may use gel in damp hair and let the style dry completely and simply rake through with the fingers to give a dry look.

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Luke Macfarlane's Easy Style

15 Seconds and You're Through © Elisabetta Villa | Getty Images.

Luke Macfarlane from television's Brothers & Sisters looks casual with this short shag. To achieve the look, apply a bit of finishing cream to damp hair and give it a quick toss. That's it. Too easy.

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Classic Short Style

Appropriate for Any Occasion © Branislav Ostojic | Dreamstimes.com.

When you're looking for a low care style, short is almost always the best way to go. For this simple short Caesar, the hair is cut using a number two blade on the sides and back and left two finger's length on top. Just a bit of pomade adds shine and separation. For those who need to wear a hat or knit cap, this style works well as the short sides minimize the "hat head," while the top stays flat.

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Short Sides and a Longer Top

Trendy "Just Rolled Out of Bed" Style © Aaron Knight | Dreamstime.com.

For this cut, the hair is cut to about three fourths of an inch on the sides and back with about three inches of length on top. To achieve that "slept in" look, apply a bit of texture cream or finishing cream to dry hair and toss it around a bit with the fingers. This "out of the bed" style may just make someone want to hop in the bed with you.

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Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick

This Cut Kicks Bass © Scott Wintrow | Getty Images.

On TV's Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick's character Chuck Bass maintains that slightly creepy "combed with a pork chop look." Off the set, he's all style with this classic Caesar cut. Apply a bit of pomade for separation and shine and toss it around a bit with the fingers with a final smooth forward. Great looks in under a minute -- perfect for the guy on the go.

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A Classic Crewcut

This Great Dane Doesn't Look Like a Dog © Frederick M. Brown | Getty Images.

Cut with a number four blade all over the head, this classic crewcut is super easy. A bit of pomade adds shine. This is a great style for guys who want almost no maintenance or for those where hats are a necessity.

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A Long Buzzcut

Fuzzy and Fashionable © Claudia Veja | Dreamstime.com.

This is your typically number five buzzcut. No product or maintenance is required to pull off this look, although a nice thick head of hair helps.

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Great Texture and a Little Wave

A Casual Medium Length Style © © Yuri Arcurs | Dreamstime.com.

For a guy with a little natural texture to his hair, this is a perfect style. Simply throw in a little styling cream into damp hair and run your fingers through it until you achieve the desired effect. No comb required.

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The Classic Taper

Colton Haynes Haircut
Short Back and Sides with a Longer Top Photo © Frederick M. Brown | Getty Images.

For his usual haircut, actor Colton Haynes wears a classic tapered haircut. The hair is clipped short on the sides and back and tapered to zero on the neckline. The hair is left about two and a half inches long on top and can be worn casually swept back wit the fingers (as he's wearing it in the photo above) or neatly parted and combed for a formal look.