Lovett Wedge

Lovett Wedge
Lovett Golf Company

The Bottom Line

The Lovett Wedge offers golfers a new approach to shots from sand and rough, one that golfers who are terrified of sand shots should find very useful.


  • Curved leading edge and rounded sole reduce dragging and snagging.
  • Eliminates need to change setup and swing for shots from sand and rough.
  • Helps those terrified of bunker shots get out of the sand.


  • Low-handicappers may feel it doesn't provide the precision they look for.
  • Designed for those who really struggle from sand - most better players don't.


  • Designed for play from sand or rough.
  • Large, rounded sole promotes a smooth follow-through - contact with ground is decreased.
  • Curved leading edge cuts through sand or rough more easily, lessening snagging.
  • Set-back hosel helps club glide through rough - lessens chances of face being turned closed.
  • Tour Standard and Tour Lob models offered. Both have 64-degree lie, 4-degree bounce, D4 swingweight.
  • Both models are 35.5 inches in steel shaft, 35 7/8 in graphite.
  • Tour Standard is 59-degree loft, Tour Lob is 63 degrees.
  • MSRP: $99.98 in steel, $119.97 in graphite.
  • Comes with 20-minute instructional video.

Guide Review - Lovett Wedge

The Lovett Wedge "replaces technique with technology" the company says. And they pull it off, too.

The Lovett Wedge allows golfers to play shots from the rough and the sand as they would a normal golf shot. This is particularly helpful to mid- and high-handicappers, golfers who tend to struggle out of the sand.

This club is clearly best suited for players who are terrified of sand shots, because it removes the need for that terror.

Low-handicappers, however, and others who prefer to play from the sand the "right" way won't be as fond of this club.

Sand shots are among the easiest on the course for better players. But many recreational golfers struggle with the technique, which is very different from a "normal" golf shot.

With the Lovett Wedge, a sand shot (or shot from the rough) becomes just another golf shot with a normal swing. Take a normal stance, put the ball in the middle, take a normal swing.

No opening of the clubface or stance, no worrying about a precise point behind the ball (one inch? two inches? three?) that you're supposed to hit. Just line up the shot (aiming at the target, not to the left), swing back, then down and through to the finish, turning to face the target.

The club's technology - rounded sole, curved leading edge ahead of the hosel - cuts through resistance the way a boat's hull cuts through water.

Our high-handicap testers loved it. Some low-handicappers didn't - but, then, they don't need the help it provides.