7 Ways a Lottery App Can Help You Hit a Jackpot

Go Digital to Improve Your Chances of Being a Lottery Winner

Want to win a lottery jackpot? There's an app for that!

People use their cell phones for everything these days, and entering the lottery is no exception. While nothing can guarantee that you'll hit a big jackpot, there are plenty of lottery apps out there that can make entering easier, more accurate, and more efficient.

Here are just a few of the useful things that you can do if you download a lottery app for your mobile device.

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Use a Lottery App to Generate Numbers

Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches Record High Of $640 Million
Lottery Apps Can Help You Pick the Perfect Numbers to Play. Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

If you haven't had luck choosing winning numbers, a lottery app might help. An app like the one from Random.org lets you generate random numbers for your lottery tickets. 

You can also use a lottery number generator like Lottery Formula, which includes statistical information for a bunch of different lotteries including MegaMillions, Powerball, and state lotteries in its number recommendations. You can pick whether you want to choose numbers that are drawn frequently, numbers that appear more rarely, or your own lucky numbers.

If you want to play favorite numbers, like birth dates of your loved ones, personal lucky numbers, or meaningful anniversaries, lottery apps can help make sure you don't get mixed up. An app like the MegaMillions and Powerball App stores your lucky numbers so you don't make a mistake when you buy your tickets.

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Stay Up-to-Date With Lottery Jackpots and Payouts

Powerball Jackpot Surges To Record $900 Million
Lottery Apps Can Ensure You Never Miss a Big Jackpot. Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Have you ever heard out about a huge jackpot after it was too late to buy tickets? Lottery apps can make sure that never happens to you. Many apps, including the ones offered by nearly every state lottery, give you the chance to get alerts when their jackpots hit a certain value.

You can decide whether to get an alert when the jackpot changes or when the amount you could win reaches an amount you determine. 

Lottery apps offer different ways to be notified, including push notifications on your phone or emails. Pick the notification method that's most likely to get your attention.

Using jackpot alerts ensures you don't sit on the sidelines while someone else scoops up your huge lottery win.

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Stream Lottery Drawings Live

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Use Lottery Apps to Stream Drawings to Your Mobile Device. Bongarts/Getty Images / Getty Images

Big lottery drawings are usually broadcast live on television. But what if you've cut your television cord, aren't usually sitting around on the couch in the evenings when the broadcasts are made, or would rather be watching something else at that time?

If you'd like the excitement of seeing the lottery drawings performed live but don't want to be bound to your TV, download a lottery app like LotteryHUB, the official app of Powerball and MegaMillions.

LotteryHUB and similar apps let you stream lottery drawings so you can watch them live, wherever you are. If you aren't able to watch the broadcast live, you can also stream older drawings whenever it's convenient for you. 

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Ensure You Never Miss a Prize

Winning Lottery Ticket
Lottery apps make checking your winning numbers a snap. Saturated / Getty Images

Every year, billions of dollars in prizes go unclaimed by U.S. lottery players. Most of these prizes are overlooked by people who only checked the jackpot numbers. They forgot, or maybe didn't know, that there are lots of smaller prizes awarded in every drawing.

Lottery apps can help you ensure that you don't overlook a win, big or small. 

If you play different kinds of lotteries, it's annoying to keep track of the winning numbers to check. Plus, it's easy to forget to check your numbers altogether. A lottery app makes checking your lucky numbers a snap.

An app like LotteryHUB gives you a one-stop location to check MegaMillions, Powerball, and state lotteries, making it quick and easy to check your numbers. 

If you have a specific lottery you like to play, many state lotteries have their own apps that make it easy to check your numbers. Some lottery apps even give you the option to scan your tickets to check if you are a winner and be notified if you have a winner.

One word of caution, though: People have missed out on wins because their apps didn't work properly. One example was a massive fail with the UK's National Lottery app. The National Lottery App is supposed to let users scan their tickets to see if they are winners, but a problem with the barcode reader caused the app to overlook legitimate wins. Lottery players who used the National Lottery app may have thrown away winning tickets when the app showed no correct numbers.

To avoid this problem, it's a good idea to double-check that the scan worked and your numbers showed up properly before throwing out a ticket. It doesn't hurt to use a different method of checking your numbers, too, in case a notification doesn't come through or gets overlooked.

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Use Apps to Make Managing Lottery Pools Easier

Friends win money with scratch lottery!
Make your lottery pool a success with the right app. piola666 / Getty Images

Setting up a lottery pool at work or with your friends is a good way to raise your odds of winning a jackpot. But managing a lottery pool can get complicated. Mistakes can lead to bad feelings and even lawsuits.

Apps can help make your lottery pool management easier and help ensure everyone is on the same page. An app like Crowdlotto or Lottery Pool Boss lets you see who's participating in each drawing, which numbers are on the lottery pool's tickets, and what the payouts for each member will be if any of the tickets are winners.

This helps avoid misunderstandings, like which numbers are part of the lottery pool, who bought in, whether you have collected money from each participant, and how many shares each participant purchased. Plus, it makes divvying up any earnings at the end easy and transparent so no one wonders if they really received their fair share.

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Enter Second-Chance Drawings Through Your App

Scratched off lottery ticket exposing winning tick
Lottery apps make entering second-chance drawings so easy. Steven Puetzer / Getty Images

 Many state and national lotteries offer second-chance drawings for people who buy their tickets but don't win. Do you ever bother entering? If not, you should.

The odds of winning a sweet prize are often better than for the jackpot drawing. This Gamboool article puts the odds of winning a $42,000 prize from a California Lottery second-chance drawing at 10 times easier than in the original giveaway that entrants tried to win, and you don't have to spend another cent to enter.

These days, many states allow second-hand entries only online or through their mobile apps because they want to limit the number of entries you can get using discarded lottery tickets found in the trash.

Using your lottery app to enter second-chance drawings is a shortcut that puts you in the running for some sweet cash prizes, costs nothing, and takes only a few seconds of your time.

Be sure to check each lottery you enter to see if a second-chance drawing is available.

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Buy Your Lottery Tickets for You (in Some Areas)

Powerball lottery jackpot reaches a record $1.5 billion
Some Lottery Apps Can Even Buy Your Ticket for You. Corbis via Getty Images / Getty Images

If you wish you could buy lottery tickets online, prepare to be disappointed. Only a few states offer online purchases of lottery tickets. However, in some areas, apps can get around that problem.

For example, Jackpocket will let residents of New York and some other states use a lottery app to buy tickets remotely.

Jackpocket doesn't actually buy tickets online; rather, the company charges you for your tickets and then sends a person to an authorized lottery retailer to buy the tickets for you. They hold your tickets securely until after the drawing, sending you a copy of your winning numbers for verification.

If you win a prize worth less than $600, the amount will be credited to your Jackpocket account. If you win a prize worth over $600, they will securely send your ticket to you to redeem.

This lets Jackpocket circumnavigate how difficult it is to buy lottery tickets online and lets you purchase your tickets safely as long as you live in an area serviced by the company.

If you live in the UK, the National Lottery App lets you buy tickets from your smartphone. An internet search should show you whether people in your area can use apps to buy lottery tickets.

Be careful about apps and websites that offer to buy lottery tickets for you, to ensure that you don't fall for a scam. Read reviews check for complaints, and see whether any major news organizations have covered any app that you consider using to buy lottery tickets for you.

Ready to Try a Lottery App?

There are many different lottery apps available. Find one that's right for you, depending on which lotteries you play and which features you need, at the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.