Lots of Cheers

The Third Edition of Cheerleaders' Favorite Cheers.

It's finally here, the third edition of Cheerleader's Favorite Cheers. From the many submissions we received, we've compiled this list of cheers that are the favorites of Cheerleaders and coaches from around the world.

Many thanks to all that have submitted their cheers. 

We hope you enjoy our Third Edition of our Collection of Cheerleaders' Favorite Cheers.

Submitted by: Jessica

Wildcats lets hear you yell go-GO
Wildcats lets here you yell fight-FIGHT
Wildcats lets here you yell win-WIN
Wildcats all together yell go fight win-GO FIGHT WIN

Submitted by: Holly

Jackets! Jackets!
We strive to be the best!
There is no team (pause, pause)
Like HHS!
Our offense is unbeatable!
Our defense holds the line!
Jackets are awesome!
All the time!

Move from Side to side,
and show that Jacket pride!

The Making of A Champion (pause)
Stand up and cheer (clap, clap)
It's our destiny
(year e.g. 2000) will be our year!

Submitted by: April

Tigers are here
If you're a tigers fan lets here you cheer
Stand up and shout it out
Tigers are here Tigers are here!

Submitted by: Voncyle

Do the multiplication
We are temptation
The MD Robert rams are back
and ready to attack
That's right we're back and ready to attack!

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