Look Taller with Monochromatic Dressing

Look Taller by Dressing Head-to-Toe in One Color

brown dress
Monocrhomatic dressing doesn't always have to be black. Here a model walks the runway in a brown monochromatic style at the Chado Ralph Rucci Fall Fashion Show in Milan, February 2009. Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Q: What is monochromatic dressing?

A: Monochromatic dressing means dressing all in one color.

Q: Why consider monochromatic dressing?

A: The main reason petites should consider monochromatic dressing is that it's a styling technique that can make us look taller.

Q: How does it work?

A: When a woman dresses all in one color, she presents one coherent visual image to those who see her, and it's a vertical image.

Q: Which colors work best for monochromatic dressing?

A: Dark colors work best because dark colors recede, making the wearer look leaner, and when you look leaner, you look taller.

Q: So black is the best color for monochomatic dressing?

A: Black is probably the most common color for monochromatic dressing, but other dark colors work well too. Consider dressing in navy, charcoal, dark brown, burgundy, or deep green.

Q: I like black, but it doesn't like me. I look washed out when I wear black.

A: Many women have a problem with wearing black because it's quite stark and can make some women look ashen. If this is a problem, you can still wear black, but tweak your monochromatic look by wearing a scarf or blouse in one of your most flattering colors next to your face. You'll still get the benefit of looking longer and leaner, but without the dulling effect of black next to your face.

Q: I'm short, but it doesn't bother me. Why should I try to look taller?

A: There's absolutely nothing wrong with being short! But once in a while, there may be a reason that petites would like to look taller. For example, a short woman interviewing for a job actually is at a slight disadvantage compared to her taller friends and sisters. So in such a situation, using styling techniques, such as monochromatic dressing, to look a bit taller makes sense.

Q: But isn't monochromatic dressing dull?

A: Monochromatic dressing certainly has the potential to be very dull. To avoid this problem, tweak a monochromatic look with stylish cuts in the clothing and trendy accessories that will make your fashion statement look fresh, rather than dowdy.