Look Fabulous With These Japanese Skin Care Secrets

Japanese woman
Creative RF/Peeter Viisimaa/GettyImages

Japanese women are known for their flawless skin. Just how do they achieve such beautiful skin? It turns out that a combination of factors contribute to their stunning complexions from diet, natural skin care ingredients, and skin care rituals that they stick to.

A Healthy Diet Equals Healthy Skin

The traditional Japanese diet is also a skin healthy diet. With a diet rich in fish and vegetables but low in sugar Japanese women are definitely eating foods that help instead of hurt their skin.

Additionally, the Japanese drink a lot of green tea which is wonderful for the skin. Green tea is full of antioxidants which protect the body (and the skin) from free radical damage that can lead to disease and skin aging. Not only do the antioxidants in green tea protect the skin from premature aging, green tea is also anti-inflammatory, which further protects your skin from aging. In order to really get the skin care benefits of green tea, be sure to drink 2 to 3 cups a day.

Make Bathing and Self Care a Priority

Going to the bathhouse in Japan is a national pastime. While there skin exfoliation and spending time in very hot baths are all part of the experience. Taking the time to relax while caring for your skin is a great way to rejuvenate both physically and emotionally. A lot of the time the bath water in Japanese bathhouses is enriched with oils in order to impart moisture and a glow to skin.

Skin care self care is taken a step further in Japan with regular facial massages. By relaxing tense facial muscles, stimulating blood flow to the face, and improving circulation, facial massage is an important part of an anti-aging skin care routine. This self care ritual doesn't take a lot of time to perform and can be integrated easily into any skin care routine.

For example while you are applying your facial cleanser or moisturizer, gently massage your face in upwards motions. You could also use a device such as Cassa plate rose quartz natural stone to massage your face. No need to press hard when using the quartz stone, even light, repeated motions will give you a great facial massage.

Shun the Sun

Staying out of the sun is very important to Japanese women. As you probably already know, sun is responsible for a variety of skin care issues — wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and in the worst case scenario, skin cancer. When it comes to our skin it is always good to avoid sun exposure, and Japanese women take sun protection very seriously. Not only do they use sunscreen, but Japanese women also wear hats and walk around under an umbrella when they are outside. Follow their lead and make sun protection a priority for yourself as well.

Use Skin Care Ingredients That You Could Eat 

Japanese women use many natural and even edible skin care ingredients. These ingredients have literally been used for centuries in Japan in order to treat and then maintain flawless skin:

  • Green Tea: already mentioned above is the fact that drinking green tea can protect skin from aging, but Japanese women do much more than just drink green tea. They also apply green tea to their faces in order to get the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties directly to their skin. You can try it in a product like Eminence Organic Skincare Green Tea and Guava Fortifying Serum.