Longline Bras for Brides

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Longline bras for brides

Elila and Asia Monet
Asia Monet wearing an Elila lace longline bra. Elila

Picking out your wedding dress is very exciting. But what about what you wear underneath? Depending on the style of your wedding gown, there are so many bra and undergarment styles to choose from. The important thing is to choose what helps your dress (and you!) look the best, and feel the best. You can go for something fashionable, but if it shows through or doesn't support your gown, chances are it's not the best option. 

One of the most popular bridal bra options is the longline bra. A longline bra is a go-to undergarment option for lots of brides because: 

  • they can normally be worn strapless
  • they offer a secure, supportive fit
  • they may have boning which can offer waist shaping
  • they're supportive structure can support the weight and shape of a heavy gown 
  • their bustier style can be very sexy or traditionally bridal 

Keep in mind, "longline" simply means that the band of the bra extends further down your body than the band of a regular bra. So there are plenty of types of longline bras - including those with straps, trendy or fashionable styles, or even medical or post surgical options. In this article, however, you will find a round up of some of the most popular bridal longline bras in a wide range of sizes. From basic, smooth, strapless styles, to lace, seamed cups, and full bust options. The good news is that brides have so much freedom and many options. So wear what you love on your big day!

Tip: if you're worried about the bottom elastic or edge of a longline bra digging into your shape, pair this look with some shapewear shorts for a sleek look. Don't forget, your undergarments serve an important function of helping your wedding dress (and you!) look its best. So don't stress over wearing so many layers underneath. It's all to help your wedding gown shine!

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Elila white bridal longline bra

Elila Strapless Longline Bra available on Amazon

Retail Price:  $50.00

Size Range: 34-48 bands, B-I cups

Colors: White, Nude, Black 

A fantastic longline bridal bra, this extra supportive bustier style bra is secure and sturdy. The powermesh back hugs the torso, while flexible boning keeps its shape, and highlights yours. Plus, the full coverage cups have their own uniquely engineered design. Bonus - the price tag on this style is moderate, but the cup sizes available are out of this world. Brides from B cup to I cup, can wear a strapless wedding dress with confidence. 

Elila also makes an all lace version of this bra, also available on Amazon - in classic white or sexy black!

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Le Mystere bridal bra
Le Mystere

Retail Price:  $125.00

Size Range: 32-36 bands B-G cups; 38 band, B-F cups

Colors: Pearl & Black

This bridal bra has memory foam cups, silicone lining, and side boning for a perfect mixture of security and support. In addition, this shorter version of a longline bra has a back that rests six inches lower than most bras. Even with its exquisite lace appliqué, that means it’s perfectly smooth and undetectable under gowns with a lower back. It’s more than flawless, it’s perfect! You may even want the black and ivory version for your black tie gowns or to wear under a fancy blazer. This bra is design meets function up to G cup!

Note that Le Mystere also makes a Soiree Bustier, which has a similar design without the lace detailing, and a lower price point. It's a great option for the bride on a budget, or with a sheer, no frills gown. 

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Cosabella Italia bustier

Retail Price: $150.00

Size Range: 1-4

Colors: White

Stretchy, soft, and super sexy. This "made in Italy" longline bra is gorgeous! With less structure than many other longline bras or bustiers, this item is best for those who aren't in need of super support. Plus, the sizing in this garment runs 1 or 4, or XS to L, without any cup sizing variation. Perhaps you can wear it with your wedding gown - or save it for the wedding night, honeymoon, or a fashionable night out. 

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Felina bra

Retail Price: $52.00

Size Range: 32-38 bands, B-DD cups

Colors: Bare & Black

This longline bra may only go half way down the torso, but it's got full support and awesome seamless push up cups. If you want a more buxom look under your wedding gown, that little push up padding can lift and create more volume for your bust. Plus, the flexible boning gives control and support in the torso area. And the back features a slight dip with a low-profile hook and eye closure. So if your gown has a slightly lower back, this bra won't show! And though it's not very decorative, that can be a bonus. The clean finish construction means no-show under sheer, light, or unconstructed garments. Let your wedding guests see the gorgeous gown you'll be wearing, not the bra that's underneath!

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Lingerie expert, Kimmay Caldwell, wears a longline bra from Jezebel in Paris. Hurray Kimmay/Becky Yee

Retail Price: $58.00

Size Range: 32-38 bands, A-DD cups

Colors: White, Sugar Baby, Black

Sleek and streamlined, this longline bra provides a beautiful silhouette beneath your wedding day attire. Constructed with contoured, slightly padded cups that support your bust, you'll get underwire support without too much coverage. The hidden boning shapes the bodice, and a micro nylon/spandex fabric hugs the body for a flexible and fashionable look. Say hello to a little cleavage and just enough coverage for your wedding day!

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Aubade bustier bridal

Retail Price: $265.00

Size Range: 32-38 bands, B-D cups

Colors: White, Sugar Baby, Black

This French bustier design is for the luxurious bride. Molded cups and great design mix with fashionable French lingerie details for a super sexy look. Removable straps at the shoulders and for garters mean you can wear this one several ways. And it makes a great nighttime addition to your lingerie wardrobe! 

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Va Bien

Va Bien Bra
Va Bien/Bare Necessities

Retail Price: $60.00

Size Range: 32-42 bands, B-DDD cups

Colors: White, Ivory, Black

A slight dip in the back is one of the best features of a longline bra, and this one has a great dip. Plus, foam cups provide a very round shape and lots of uplift. Let the mesh and elastic wrap your torso to create a sleek shape, and wear the straps or leave them behind. So many options with this bra! Plus, it's available in three basic, easy to wear colors.

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Dominque low back bra
Dominque/Bare Necessities

Retail Price: $39.00

Size Range: 32-44 bands, A-DD cups

Colors: Bare & Black

This daring, low-back, romantic longline bra is for that super low back wedding gown (that is so in fashion right now). This bra features supportive boning throughout the torso for a streamlined fit. And the mesh back wings secure the deep back silhouette to the front. And to keep it all in place, a comfortable, wide elastic bottom lines it all the way around. Be aware that a thick elastic like that may dig into your tummy, or create a line. This bustier goes well underneath something that flares out at the waist, and may create a bumpy look under something very sheer. On the plus side, the seamed, foam-lined cups supply great shape. Got a daring wedding gown with a low back? Try this affordable bra!

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Goddess longline bra in lace

Retail Price: $59.00

Size Range: 34-50 bands, B-FF cups

Colors: White & Black

Seductive and supportive? Yes, please! This bridal longline is a far cry from the typical look of a basic undergarment. With classic white lace, and a wide range of sizes (up to 50 band size!), this is a great go-to for many brides. Use the straps or take them off to suit your wedding day style. Keep in mind that this style suits full busts best, and has more coverage in the cup than other styles. The seamed cups also have vertical boning, meaning they give great support but are not smooth and seam-free. If you have a structured gown with lots of layers, this is a great option. 

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Elomi Maria longline bra

Retail Price: $152.00

Size Range: 32-48 bands, D-HH cups depending on band size

Colors: Cream & Black

This elegant bustier is convertible, so you can skip or use the straps that come with it. That means this bra is great for a strapless wedding dress, halter, racerback, or other style. Plus, it comes with adjustable, removable garter straps if you'd like to wear thigh high stockings for a traditional bridal look. Or, just add them on for the wedding night! The back closure is secure, though not very low. But its vast size range - from a 32 to a 48 band - means this bra can support straight sized or plus sized brides with a full bust. 

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Blush longline bra

Blush Pretty Little Bras Multi-way Longline Strapless

Retail Price: $38.00

Size Range: 32-38 bands, B-D cups

Colors: Nude & Black

Want to try a longline without the length? This bra is for you. With just a short extension of the band, you're in store for a very clean and sleek finish under even the most fitted garments. Play around with the removable straps and experiment with wearing them seven different ways. This little longline bra is incredibly versatile. A must-own for a bridal gown, or everyday! Not to mention, the price is much lower than most bridal or basic bras. That means you can spend more on the dress or save your pennies for the honeymoon trip! 

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Felina bridal longline bra

Retail Price:  $72.00

Size Range: 32-42 bands, A-DD cups

Colors: Black, White & Bare

Classic longline bra alert! This sleek and simple bustier bra is what most brides think of when it comes to their wedding day undergarments. And yet, this classic style has a modern update! With a patented design, this bustier has a hidden underwire. That means superior support, plus a smooth, clean, and seamless look. Unlike a traditional corset, the boning in this bustier is flexible. So, this undergarment assures stability and comfort. Plus, the low back is perfect for specialty garments like a wedding dress that dips in the back. 

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Parfait Longline bra

Retail Price: $52.00

Size Range: 30-40 bands, D-G cups

Colors: Ivory

Not all bridal longline bras need to be strapless, or have molded cups. This Parfait bra defies stereotypes with its shorter longline silhouette, unlined (yet very supportive) cups, and adjustable straps. For the bride wearing a gown with straps, who has a full bust, this bra is a must. The longline shape stays put and holds in place on your big day. You can dance the night away at the reception without a care in the world! Plus, the ivory lace is oh-so-bridal. Pair this bra with some lace panties, and there's no need to slip into something else for your wedding night.