How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Miss Dior Cherie perfume bottle
Natasha d.H/Flickr

Don’t you hate when you spritz on your favorite perfume on your way out in the morning only to have it disappear by lunchtime? Fragrance may not be an essential part of a morning routine, but it’s a way for a woman to express herself and feel sexier, happier and more confident.

Tips for Making Perfume Last

Ildiko Juhasz, a fragrance consultant, has these tips for making perfume last longer.

Choose a Perfume That Will Last

Citrus-based fragrances usually disappear faster while musks and woody based fragrances tend to last longer because these oils evaporate slower, says Ildiko.

Regardless of what type of fragrance you like, the concentration depends on the type of perfume you are using. Parfum contains the most oil and is the most expensive with the longest staying power. It’s followed by eau de parfum and eau de toilette, which is the type most suitable for everyday application. Eau de cologne is the weakest scent and the least expensive.

Preserve the potency of your fragrances by storing them in cool dark places away from direct sunlight.

Use the Right Technique for Applying Perfume 

Fragrance will last longer on skin that is well-moisturized because oils on the skin trap the fragrance notes and make them last longer. Apply a body oil or moisturizer post-shower. When you apply the fragrance, concentrate on pulse points. These are areas where the veins are close to the skin's surface and you feel your circulation, including your wrists, neck, between your breasts, and even behind knees. Don’t rub wrists together after applying fragrance as it breaks down the oils. Also, try a light mist of fragrance through the hair.

Many fragrance lines also include shower gel and body lotions. While layering the scent in different forms will help it last, these products can be costly. If they’re not in your budget, chose body products that are unscented or lightly scented.

Don’t Overdo It With Perfume

Less is more! We tend to not smell our own perfume sometime after applying it, this is actually a defense mechanism and our olfactive systems shut down. This does not mean it isn’t noticeable for others. Especially as we age, our sense of smell begins to dull. The old trick of walking through a mist does work, but avoid applying directly on clothing as it can stain and also doesn’t diffuse the scent as nicely as the natural oils on your skin.

Reapply Perfume Throughout the Day

If you have dry skin or are headed to a special evening, you can always carry a small travel-size bottle with you as you may have to reapply. As a general rule of thumb, fragrances will last 4 to 8 hours, depending on quality and concentration of essential oils.