Long Hair: 17 Hairstyle Trends We Fell for

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The Best Long Hair Trends to Watch

A few of the long hair trends this year
Getty Images: Ian Gavan, Michael Loccisano

No matter how many celebrities cut off their long hair into a lob, a bob or a pixie, long hair will always be popular. This year it's all about casual, effortless hair that's "undone." But you'll also find waves, curls, natural texture, braids, flat-ironed hair and more.

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Bedhead: Naturally Wavy Hair "Undone"

Bedhead on singer Ellie Goulding & model Erin Wasson
Getty: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle (l) and right, Michael Buckner

Most of us have a bit of wave to our hair, and a popular look is undone hair. Undone basically means a bit mussy, very casual and yet, still absolutely gorgeous. 

You have 4 options to perfect this look:

  1. Go to bed with wet hair. Wake up.
  2. Apply a volumizing mousse to shampooed hair. Let hair air dry and scrunch it as it dries.
  3. Spritz damp hair with sea salt spray to create a beachy texture.
  4. Go all out with product and tools. For directions see "How to Create Beachy Waves"
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Flat-Ironed Straight & Parted Down the Middle

Gwyneth Paltrow
Steve Granitz for Getty

Long straight hair has yet to go out of fashion. It started out as a big trend in the 60s and remains popular today. This year's straight hair looks best parted in the center, as seen here on Gwyneth. 

Keep in mind, long hair doesn't look great on all face shapes, especially long face shapes, because long hair can elongate the face even further. And to look great, this style depends on healthy hair. If you have split ends or frizzy hair, get thee to the salon and start conditioning your hair, stat! If you are using a flat-iron, make sure to spray on a thermal protectant before you let the iron hit your strands.

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Middle Part with Waves

Ana de Armas
Carlos Alvarez
Continuing with the "bedhead" and the middle part trends is this look: a middle part with slight bed-head waves.
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The Deep Side Part

The deep side part, spotted at Fashion Week
Getty Images: Frazer Harrison and Ian Gavan

A ton of these deep side parts have been on the fashion week runways. This look is lovely pinned back as well.

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Just Add Bangs

Long hair with bangs
JP Yim for Getty Images

No matter the length of your hair, add in bangs and you'll look fresh and on trend. Adding bangs is the easiest way to update your look without sacrificing length. 

The sexiest bang of the moment is the rocker bang, as seen here on this runway model. For this look, make sure to ask your stylist to leave the sides of the bangs a little bit longer than the middle and you may want to add just a couple long layers so they blend in. Make sure the bangs hit at the brow, not above them.

Not into rocker bangs? Don't worry, you have many options for bangs. The key is to find the right bangs for your face shape.

There are, however, some things to keep in mind before you get bangs:

  1. Bangs are high-maintenance. Most salons offer free bang trims, but if you are like me and you can't be bothered to travel ever few weeks to see your stylist, learn how to trim your own bangs. It's easier than you think.
  2. Learn how to blowdry your bangs correctly so you don't end up with bad 80s bubble bangs.
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Long, Straight & Thick

Long, straight and thick
Getty Images: Ian Gavan

 This hairstyle is thick and lovely. 

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Slicked Back

Slicked back hair on the runway
Frazer Harrison for Getty

You'll continue to see a lot of these slicked-back long hairstyles.

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Ponytails for Long Hairstyles

Side ponytail
Brian Ach for Getty Images

The ponytail has been everywhere on the red carpets, particularly the mussy side ponytail, pictured here.

You can wear ponytails to the gym, and then later that evening to a five-star restaurant. Just make sure to spritz your hair with dry shampoo to give it that bad-ass texture and to soak up any oils. 

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Bouffant-ed Bangs

Paris and Nicky Hilton
Michael Loccisano for Getty

This is a look that's been making the rounds: the bouffant-ed bangs.

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Bombshell Hair

Aimee Mullins with bombshell curls
Marc Stamas // Getty

Big, thick, luxurious hair remains popular. You can achieve this look if you have naturally thick, coarse hair -- just add even more volume with the help of a volumizing mousse and a curling iron or curlers.

But if you have fine hair, you may need extensions to get this kind of body. Sorry!

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Long With Slight Waves

Renee Bargh
Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

This look on "Extra! TV" correspondent Renee Bargh is a classic.

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A Twist on the Topknot and the Ballerina Bun

Hilary Duff (l) and Sarah Hyland in ballerina buns
Getty Images

The topknot is so 2011, unless you make a ballerina bun out of it, as Hilary Duff and Sarah Hyland do, here.

Allure Magazine explains how to get the perfect mussy topknot:

"'My hair is fine, so I use a lot of hair spray to give it grip and a piecey texture so the top doesn't look too smooth,' says assistant editor Grace Clarke. She sprays on a lightweight hair spray from roots to ends, and then holds her hair straight up right above her crown. 'I twist it into a bun starting at the ends instead of grabbing it right at the crown, so it's loose,' says Grace. Then, she secures it with a Goody Spin Pin—it looks like a corkscrew and you maneuver it the same way, by spinning it through the base of your style."

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Brown with Balayage

Sara Carbonero with balayage
Pablo Cuadra for Getty Images

Notice how the coppery highlights on Sara Carbonaro's hair make her hair simply gorgeous? If you have blah brown hair, never fear, brunette hair is very popular, you just have to up the ante with some pop of color, like these highlights using the balayage method.

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The Casual Side Braid

Stef Dawson with a braid and bangs
Frederick M. Brown for Getty

Braids of all sorts are all over the place, but the mussy side braid remains the most popular of all braided hairstyles

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Let Your Natural Curls Loose

How to keep your curly hair from frizzing
Brand X Pictures for Getty

It's not easy to grow out curly hair, but when you have great hair like this woman, you can and should grow it. It's simply gorgeous.

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Going Natural

Tanika Ray
Frederick M. Brown for Getty

"[This year] is going to be a great year for women who have decided to embrace their natural hair texture," says stylist Anthony Dickey.

So we say, if you have naturally super curly hair, embrace it. If you have straight hair, embrace it. Put down your tools, ladies!