Long Distance Lesbian

Tips for Lesbian Long Distance Relationships

Whether you met her online and she lives a thousand miles away, or if you were in a relationship together and one of you had to move, maintaining a long distance lesbian relationship can be challenging. This article will offer you advice on how to keep the love alive in a long distance lesbian relationship.

The best way to ensure a long distance relationship is going to work is if you have a strong foundation to begin with. If you're both committed to making it work and understand the challenges inherent in a long distance relationship, you're well on your way. If your relationship is rocky to begin with, staying together while miles apart is going to be much harder.

Know the Rules

Stay in Touch

Know When it's Going to End

If you don't have a definite plan, one of you may feel that the other has the control over your relationship.

Bi-National Couples

Have your own interests

Curb Jealousy

Be Accountable

Have dates

Be Romantic

Be Honest

See Each Other

Plan in advance who will travel where, how often you plan to see each other and how long the visits will be. Share the load. Don't make one person travel all the time, unless that is the way you BOTH want it.

The Four Basics

Like any relationship, the keys are communication, trust, respect and love. Keep all of these alive and your long distance love has a strong chance of surviving.