Long Bangs: Hairstyles Featuring Long Bangs

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Super Long Bangs Are Super Trendy

Kate Peck. Getty

I love the look of a long bang. While baby bangs (those blunt bangs that hover several inches above the eyebrows) have been popular on and off for years, long bangs are a classic and never go out of style. And for good reason. They can be edgy, sophisticated and sexy; plus, they cover up big foreheads, bring attention to the eyes and grow out beautifully.

In this gallery, I share some awesome long bang hairstyles on hair of all lengths, including pixies, chin- and shoulder-length cuts and long hair.

One thing to keep in mind: long bangs work with almost all hair textures, but if you have super kinky curly hair, you might consider foregoing bangs altogether and opt for long layers instead.

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Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson. Getty: Jason LaVeris, Steve Granitz

I absolutely love this long bob on Ashley Benson.

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Malin Akerman

Actress Malin Akerman. Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Here, Malin Akerman's long, side-swept bangs work beautifully with her chin-length shaggy cut. The bangs add dimension and interest. Without them, this cut would be a bit bland.

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Long, Side-Swept Bangs Are Flattering With Long Waves

Martine Lervik. By: David M. Benett for Getty

I love Martine Lervik's red-flamed shaggy long haircut here. The bangs are long and side-swept and add the perfect amount of fringe to her face.

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Sara Gore

Sara Gore. Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage

This shoulder-length cut is simple and classic paired with these bangs.

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Actress Hannah Simone

Actress Hannah Simone. Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Here, Hannah Simone has super long hair paired with gorgeous bangs.

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Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt hairstyles. Getty Images: Christian Vierig, Pierre Suu, Kirstin Sinclair

She's Parisian and the editor of Vogue, so it's no wonder Emmanuelle Alt looks fantastic in her shaggy hairstyle with bangs. I'm fascinated with her style and effortless, casual hairstyle, so I've followed her and learned her style secrets, which are really to be as natural and care-free about beauty as possible. A big difference, she says, between the French and Americans, is that French women do not spend a lot of time or money on their hair.

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Long Bangs on a Ponytail

Kate Beckinsale. Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Ponytails are so awesome for casual running-about-town days and even formal events, but they can be boring if all of your hair fits into the ponytail holder. Sultry, long bangs add a sexy edge to the ponytail, as proven here by Kate Beckinsale.

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Beth Behrs

Actress Beth Behrs. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

Adding in long bangs, which hit at the chin is one way to improve upon a long bob.

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Fringe + Long Hair = Gorgeous

gorgeous fringe bangs. Photo from http://motherdenim.com

This cut is simply stunning and a bit rock and roll.

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British DJ Zara Martin

Zara Martin. Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Hair doesn't get much longer than this, yet British DJ Zara Martin still goes for the bang. Simply lovely.

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Ece Sukan

Ece Sukan. Daniel Zuchnik & for Getty and Ece Sukan's Instagram

I love this edgy hairstyle.

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Carmen Lomana

Carmen Lomana. Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

This is a gorgeous haircut. Long bangs can take years off your face.

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Janice Alida

Janice Alida. Photo by Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

Long bangs are perfect for pixies.

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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler
Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

I like this cut on Chelsea Handler. This would air dry beautifully, which is important for those of us with little time for primping.

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Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner vacillates between hairstyles with bangs and hair without, but she always has long hair. She seems the type who gets bored with the bangs, grows them out and then misses them and has them cut back in. I can relate.

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Blending Is Key: Laura Vandervoort

Laura Vandervoort. Kevin Winter for Getty

Note how the long bangs are blended in to the cut.

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, debuted her bangs in 2015, the media went crazy.

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Messy, "Piece-y" Bangs

Kate Lanphear. Cindy Ord for Getty

These bangs are super funky. The mussy look is in, especially on shorter cuts (which haven't been so hot since Mia Farrow debuted her cut in "Rosemary's Baby").

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A Bit of a Sweep Updates an Otherwise Boring Cut

Kathy Weber. Jasmin Gerat // Getty Images

If you're growing your hair out, or it's an a "blah" stage, consider getting bangs such as these.

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Long, Sideswept Bangs

Patricia Conde. Carlos Alvarez // Getty Images

This is a gorgeous way to make boring long hair fresh.

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Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks. Peter Bregg // Getty Images
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Erica Monique Atkins

Erica Monique Atkins. Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for NAACP
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Bangs Look Good With Bobs

Lily Allen. Dave Hogan // Getty Images

These sideswept bangs are flattering on singer Lily Allen.

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Shoulder-Length Hair With Bangs

Nicole Miller. Stephen Lovekin//Getty

I adore this look on Nicole Miller, who just so happens to be over 55 (she was born in 1952). Bangs can make you look younger, sexier.

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Another Cool Shot of Bangs on a Pixie

Emma Willis. Ian Gavan//Getty

More pixie hairstyles

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