This Photo May Capture a Little Girl Ghost

Find Out If This Photo Captures the Paranormal

Little ghost and deer
Fake, a set-up. or a real ghost?.

Kyle Einertson

For years, people have tried to document the presence of ghosts with photography. Some photos show small orbs, shadows or distorted shapes. Others are very clear.

Separating the legitimate photos from the hoaxes is difficult. With new technology and software, photos can be faked by even amateurs.

Paranormal Photo: Little Girl Ghost

This photo was reportedly taken by a wildlife camera, a camera that is set up out in the woods and motion-activated. Intended to capture images of deer and other animals, it allegedly captured something much more significant in the middle of the night.

In the photo, there are two deer. One looks directly at the camera. But on the left side of the picture is a little girl dressed in white. She appears to be looking at the camera as well. And the second deer seems to be aware of her presence and is looking right at her.

Unlike other ghostly photos, the little girl is distinct and solid looking. You can make out the details of her nightgown, hair, and figure.


The photo is unique in that the little girl "ghost" is perfectly clear, with every detail evident. The deer looking at her makes it very different, as you do not typically see animals aware of the paranormal in photos.

There are several possibilities for what this photo actually captured:

  • It's a fabricated photo, with the little girl added to the wildlife picture with photo editing software. Or the deer could have been added to the photo of the little girl. With sophisticated software, this is easily done.
  • It was a planned photo to depict a ghostly seen, with the animals and little girl brought together to create a creepy photo. The real little girl is actually standing there with real deer. If this is the case, these deer are not shy of people or at least of this little girl. Otherwise, they would have run off. Of course, the deer may have been startled and run off a second after the photo was taken.
  • It's not a set-up, but the girl and the deer are actually there together, photographed by chance. This raises some questions:
  • Why is the little girl out in the woods at night in her nightgown?
  • Do the game cam owners know the little girl? If not, did they try to find out or notify the police of the incident?
  • Finally, it could be a legitimate photo of a ghost, which would explain why the deer seem to not be afraid of a person walking into the clearing.

Is the Photo Real?

From just looking at the photo, it is impossible to tell if this picture really captured paranormal activity, if it is a well-staged hoax or just an odd picture of living beings. The only people who know for sure are the little girl and the people who may have created the photo themselves.