Lipstick Tips for Older Women

How to Plump and Moisturize Your Lips for a Youthful Look

older woman applying lipstick. Taxi for Getty

As we age, our lips thin, they can become more wrinkled and lines may develop around our mouths. While some women opt to get lip injections, you can get less permanent results with the lip plumping tips below. There are a few rules when it comes to lipstick, gloss, and liner that will make you look younger and fresher.​

Embrace Pinks — If You Have Light Skin

Pink lipstick is universally flattering. Women with dark skin look great in reds, browns, and even purples.

If you have fair skin, consider lipstick shades such as nudes in a slightly apricot shade, pinks, and light corals. Stay away from browns. Women with a medium skin tone can go a bit darker. You'll look great in roses, mauves, and berries. Deep plum, chocolate or red is fabulous with dark or black skin.

Try on a Bunch of Shades to Find the Right One

Not sure what exact shade works for you? The best natural lip shade will just be a shade or two darker than your natural lip color, according to makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

Go to a department store makeup counter and check out different colors. Finding the perfect "nude for you" shade can take time, but it's well worth the effort.

You can test different colors by applying color to only one lip, leaving the other bare. Your goal is to find a shade that's slightly darker than your natural shade.

Yes, You Can Go Bright and Bold

While dark shades can be aging on some skin tones, bright, bold lip colors can be flattering.

Bright lipstick is especially stunning on women who wear glasses. The bold lip balances out the heaviness of the frames.

Just remember to tone down your eye makeup and blush if you are going bold on your lips. Too much makeup and you risk looking overdone.

Should You Go for Gloss or Matte?

If you like to wear lip color, pick up a gloss, lipstick, and liner.

Every women needs a good gloss. Gloss brings more attention to your lips than matte shades. They can also temporarily "plump up" lips. Glosses are great for day, night and especially in summer when you have a tan. At night, you can swipe a bit over your darker lipstick to make your lips appear fuller and poutier.

Dark Shades or Lighter Shades?

Lighter shades tend to make lips look bigger and poutier than darker shades. If you have thin lips, keep in mind that super dark colors can make your lips look even thinner.

So now that we've established that light shades can be great, just remember that a too-pale shade can make you look as if you are wearing no lipstick at all. If this is what you're going after, great. But most of us want a little pop of color.

The Changing of the Seasons

Some women believe they should change their lip color with the seasons, going bolder or darker in winter while staying light in summer and spring. There's actually no need for this. Reds look just as good in summer as they do in winter while glosses and sheers work year-round, too.

Do consider adding a layer of lip balm under your lipstick in winter and if your lips are scaly, avoid dark colors which will exaggerate flakes.

Is There a Real Difference Between a $5 Lipstick and a $30 Lipstick?

When it comes to beauty products, many times you're paying for a pricey packaging and the ability to try before you buy. When it comes to lipsticks, you can find a good one at the drug store that will rival the much pricier one at a department store. Some experts say you may not get the sophisticated color palette in a drugstore. Still, others say the packaging on a drugstore lipstick may be shoddy. It's really up to you.

Lip Liner: The Secret to Long-Lasting Color

You can get long-lasting color by simply following this tip: pick a lip liner shade you like and fill in your lips with it, topping it with a similar colored lipstick or gloss.

Filling in your whole lip acts like a stain, helping the color last all day.

How to Deal With Dry, Chapped Lips

Before applying moisturizers or foundation to your body, you really should exfoliate first.

Why? Because the product will stick to the dead stuff without soaking in. The same rule applies to the lips. As we age, our lips lose oils and their plumpness. To maintain your full plump factor and keep lips looking smooth, make sure to keep lips exfoliated all year round.

So how to exfoliate? All it takes is an old toothbrush and a dollop of petroleum jelly. Use a hydrating lip balm under your lipstick if your lips seem dry.

Quick Way to Remove Lip Stain or Lipstick

Remove lipstick or stain by slathering on petroleum jelly, letting it sit for a minute and then wiping off. Makeup remover also works.