Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch: Cheats and Walkthroughs

Zelda fans get to play the original Game Boy game on a new console

The 2019 remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch is a near perfect port of the original Game Boy classic. Learn how to wake the Wind Fish with these cheats and walkthroughs for Link's Awakening.

These cheats apply to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch.

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Link's Awakening Secret Dungeon

The entrance to the optional Color Dungeon is in the graveyard. To uncover it, you must push five tombstones in the southeast section in a specific order. The puzzle solution is in a book on top of a shelf in the library. Run into the shelf with the Pegasus Boots to knock the book to the ground.

Run into the bookshelf with the Pegasus Boots to knock the book to the ground and get the code for the Color Dungeon.

After completing the Color Dungeon, you can choose between two rewards:

  • The Red Tunic: Doubles the amount of damage you deal.
  • The Blue Tunic: Halves the amount of damage you receive.

Replay the dungeon to change into the alternate outfit or your original green tunic.

How to Get the Ocarina and All Songs

After completing the third dungeon, you can enter the Dream Shrine in Mabe Village and obtain the Ocarina. There a three songs you can learn from different characters:

Song Teacher Location Effect
Ballad of the Wind Fish Marin Animal Village Wakes the sleeping
Manbo's Mambo Manbo West of Angler's Tunnel Fast-travel to warp points
Frog's Song of Soul Mamu Signpost Maze Wakes the dead

Link's Awakening Trade Sequence Walkthrough

During your travels, you'll meet numerous characters who are looking for certain items. When you give a character an item, they'll give you another item that another character wants.

The first item is the Yoshi Doll, which you can win from Trendy Game. Some items cannot be delivered until you've reached a certain point in the story, but you must complete the entire trading sequence to complete the final dungeon and obtain the Boomerang.

Item Owner Location Reward
Yoshi Doll Mamasha Mabe Village Ribbon
Ribbon CiaoCiao Mabe Village Dog Food
Dog Food Sale Toronbo Shores Banana
Banana Kiki the Monkey Outside Kanalet Castle Stick
Stick Tarin Ukuku Prairie Honeycomb
Honeycomb Chef Bear Animal Village Pineapple
Pineapple Papahl Tal Tal Mountain Range Hibiscus
Hibiscus Christine Animal Village Goat’s Letter
Goat’s Letter Mr. Write North of the Mysterious Forest Broom
Broom Grandma Yahoo Mabe Village or Animal Village Fishing Hook
Fishing Hook Fisherman Martha’s Bay Necklace
Necklace Mermaid Outside Catfish’s Maw Scale
Scale Mermaid Statue Martha’s Bay Magnifying Glass

How to Get the Boomerang

After obtaining the Magnifying Glass, go to Toronbo Shores to find a crack in the wall southeast of the Banana Shop. Bomb the crack and follow the path to claim the most powerful weapon in the game, the boomerang.

You'll be required to trade one of your items for the boomerang. Trade the shovel since you can buy another one from the shop in Mabe Village.

Link's Awakening Cheat Codes

Start a new game and enter one of the following names to change the music on the player select screen.

Profile Name Music
Marin Ballad of the Windfish
Totakeke Totaka's Song
Zelda Zelda Theme

Chamber Stone Locations

Collect Chamber Stones to create custom dungeons in Dampé’s Shack. Seven Chamber Stones can be purchased from the shop at different points during the story, and seven others are hidden throughout Koholint Island.

You can unlock additional Chamber Stones using Legend of Zelda Amiibos.

Collectible Location How to Obtain
Chamber Stone 1 Mabe Village Win from Trendy Game.
Chamber Stone 2 Seashell Mansion Collect 30 Seashells.
Chamber Stone 3 Seashell Mansion Collect 50 Seashells.
Chamber Stone 4 Fishing Pond Catch an Ol' Baron.
Chamber Stone 5 Fishing Pond Catch a Big Ol' Baron.
Chamber Stone 6 Rapids Ride Finish the Rapids Race in less than 30 seconds.
Chamber Stone 7 Trendy Game Collect all 10 Figurines.

How to Get the Secret Ending

Beat the game without dying once to see an extra scene after the end credits. Getting revived by Crazy Tracy's Secret Medicine doesn't count as a death.

How to Use Bomb Arrows

To shoot an explosive arrow, equip the Bow and Bombs, then press both item buttons at the same time.

Link's Awakening Bottle Locations

Use bottles to catch and store fairies for when you're low on hearts.

Fairies do not automatically revive Link if he falls in battle.

Collectible How to Obtain
Bottle 1 Accompany the ghost home.
Bottle 2 Drag up from the weeds in the Fishing Pond.
Bottle 3 Complete the "Health Shortage" Challenge in Dampé’s Shack.

Seashell Rewards

Collect all 50 Seashells to unlock rewards in the Seashell Mansion.

Unlockable Requirement
Heart Piece 5 Seashells
Seashell Sensor 15 Seashells
Chamber Stone 30 Seashells
Koholint Sword 40 Seashells
Chamber Stone 50 Seashells

Link's Awakening Easter Eggs

Link's Awakening contains numerous Easter eggs and references to other Nintendo games. For example, you can win figurines of Super Mario characters from the Trendy Game shop in Mabe Village. After winning a figurine, you must place it on one of the stands around the Village for the next item to appear. There are ten figurines to collect in total.

How to Use Amiibos in Link's Awakening

Visit Dampé in his shack to scan Amiibos. You can scan up to six Legend of Zelda Amiibos to unlock new Chamber Stones. Scanning the Link's Awakening Link Amiibo will unlock Shadow Link.