Lingerie, Loungewear, and Swimwear for Breast Cancer Survivors

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Lingerie, Loungewear, and Swimwear for Breast Cancer Patients

Kimmay Caldwell wearing an Anita mastectomy bra
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell is wearing the Fleur underwire, pocketed mastectomy bra from Anita. Hurray Kimmay/Around Digital Media

October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month, but the needs of a woman during and after breast cancer go well beyond one month. Many brands are making waves in the post surgical world, combining fashion and function to bring breast cancer patients, survivors, and even the newly diagnosed the support and comfort they need. Whether she has had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, or other surgery, there are new lingerie, swimsuit, and loungewear options that meet her needs and look beautiful, too.

In fact, these styles are reaching well beyond the needs of survivors, and are attracting women of all walks of life, including those with both natural breasts. Below, meet a few of the best brands making swimsuits with pockets for a prosthesis, non underwire bras to wear after reconstruction, sleepwear made for chemotherapy inducing night sweats, and so much more! 

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Red Fern Lingerie

Red Fern Lingerie
The Camellia-Marie Mastectomy Bra and Brief by Red Fern Lingerie. Red Fern Lingerie


What you'll find: Beautiful bras with pockets for a prosthesis after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Pretty prints, European inspired details, and matching panties.

Get to know Red Fern Lingerie: This brand was created by Australian Tina Doueihi, who is a breast cancer survivor. With a tagline like "lingerie for sexy survivors", you know you're in for a lingerie treat when you shop their site. Tina designed the line because of her own diagnosis. She was used to wearing beautiful, European lingerie before breast cancer, and felt that she, and other women of the world, deserved the same beautiful undergarments after breast cancer. 

In addition to the beautiful designs, Red Fern lingerie is committed to supporting and partnering with charities benefiting breast cancer awareness and research. The website states: "the breast cancer community provided Tina with hope and support and now it is time to give back." The brand offers a nomination for the charity of the customer's choice at checkout, and then tallies the votes at the end of the year, donating all the proceeds there. 

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Kimmay Caldwell wearing an Anita mastectomy bra
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears the Malia mastectomy bra from Anita. Hurray Kimmay/Around Digital Media


What you'll find: One of the most vast offerings of post surgical lingerie and swimwear, including wire-free, underwire, lace, molded, smooth, sports, compression, and more. Also, a large selection of prostheses and inserts. 

Get to know Anita: This brand, also known as Rosa Faia, has existed for over 130 years! They offer a vast variety of lingerie styles for every phase of a woman's life, including after breast cancer surgery. They have some of the best compression recovery bras for immediately after reconstruction surgery, along with many pocketed bras for those who wear a prosthesis. They're also one of the only brands to carry both wire-free and underwire pocketed bras that suit the needs of a woman after breast surgery. In addition, Anita also makes pocketed mastectomy swimsuits with unique coverage for modesty after scarring. 

Anita is committed to providing more than just undergarments and swimsuits. The brand, based in Germany, also manufactures some of the finest prostheses, inserts, and breast accessories. Features include a vast size range, lifelike materials, adjustable sizing, and various shapes. There's even a special prosthesis made with unique grooves and chlorine resistant material for wearing in water! 

Anita has an ongoing partnership with the First Bra Foundation, an organization that fits women for their first complimentary bra after breast cancer. 

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Clover Lewis Swimwear

Clover Lewis swimsuit
The Dive High Neck Bikini from Clover Lewis is red hot. Clover Lewis

What you'll find: Poolside glamor for post surgery, including premium-quality designer mastectomy bikinis, bathing suits and kaftans, with a youthful and contemporary feel.

Get to know Clover Lewis Swimwear: This swimsuit line is for women who want gorgeous swimsuits following breast surgery. Their styles are award-winning, high-fashion designs which are finished with luxurious gold hardware. This collection was brought to the world by UK-based designer, Clover, after her experience searching for well-designed post surgery swimwear to wear whilst learning how to scuba-dive after her breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy.

She created Clover Lewis Swimwear as "the exciting and luxurious alternative to existing post surgery swimwear," which boosts the self-esteem of women after breast cancer. Each design features discrete pockets, slightly higher underarms and elasticated necklines to offer the wearer total security and modesty when wearing a prosthesis or concealing scarring. Also, the Italian fabrics have 50+ UV protection, and super-soft interior seams to support and shape while remaining soft on delicate skin. Some designs can be worn without prosthesis too, opening up choice for women who choose now to wear a prosthesis or have reconstruction surgery.

Beyond its functions, this brand is stylish! In fact, it is the first mastectomy swimwear brand to have appeared in British Vogue in its 100-years of publication.

Lewis adds this: “Once women are diagnosed with breast cancer, their body image, self-esteem and identity are strongly challenged. Clover Lewis Swimwear is part of a transformational period in these women’s lives. I help them boost their confidence, feel better and re-engage with a good lifestyle. In my swimwear, women can feel very feminine. The designs flatter their body and appearance in a very natural, elegant and comfortable way, so they can enjoy holidays or go swimming for the love of it. I know from experience that if you look good outside, this has the impact to help you feel great inside!”

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Kimmay wearing AnaOno bralette and robe
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears the Rachel bralette and matching panty and Miena robe by AnaOno. Hurray Kimmay/Around Digital Media


What you'll find: Non underwire bralettes made of lace, soft eco-friendly bamboo, or mesh with matching panties. Loungewear and sleepwear. Camisoles and post surgical bras. 

Get to know AnaOno: This brand was created by Dana Donofree, a breast cancer survivor herself. After having implant reconstruction she was dismayed with the selection of post surgical undergarments. Since Dana was a fashion designer before cancer, she took it upon herself to create a line of intimates that helped a woman feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident during and after breast cancer. They're non underwire bras can be worn by women who have had reconstruction, mastectomy, augmentation, or reduction surgery - or no surgery at all

Since its first launch of bralettes and panties, the AnaOno line has expanded to include loungewear and sleepwear, like trendy rompers, wrap dresses, and luxe robes. Each item is just as fashionable as it is functional. Special functions include ease of taking on and off (great for post surgery), a detachable elastic belt that holds drainage tubes in place), and more. 

AnaOno has also recently partnered with an oncologist to launch the Makemerry by AnaOno bra and camisole with special features like a shelf bra in the camisole on the outside (for comfort), and front closure on the bra. 

In addition to the wonderful products and inspiring marketing messages, AnaOno also supports breast cancer charities and organizations, including Jill's Wish and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

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Lusome Donna set
The Lusomé Donna set in Dusk. Lusomé


What you'll find: Sleepwear made with night sweats in mind. Classic pieces, simple separates, and beautiful lounge pieces.

Get to know Lusomé: Lara Little launched Lusomé as a solution to a health crisis: her younger sister’s fight against breast cancer and the excessive night sweats caused by its treatment. Lara realized that night sweats impact an alarming majority of women (80%) and set out on journey for over two years which resulted in an innovative line of sleepwear.

Lusomé’s hallmark is that their sleep and loungewear are created with a material that moves moisture, odor and bacteria away from the body. The unparalleled efficiency is thanks to its proprietary fabric technology, Xirotex ™. It marries luxurious softness with high-performance moisture moving technology so women feel and look comfortable. Its proven technology keeps women dry and comfortable if they are suffering with night sweats, a common side effect of many breast cancer treatments. 

Little adds this: “While I watched my sister endure night sweats, which is a horrendous side effect from her breast cancer treatment, I knew I had to do something and that led to the creation of Lusomé. At Lusomé I design sleepwear so women like my sister could wear a high-quality, luxurious outfit to bed knowing the  Xirotex™ technology will manage any heat surges. Now women everywhere can live in this ultra-comfortable sleepwear to feel and look the best they can no matter their circumstances.”

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Sophia Rose Intimates

Kimmay Caldwell wearing the Sophia Rose bra
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wearing the pocketed Sophia bra from Sophia Rose Intimates. Hurray Kimmay/Carmen Rubio


What you'll find: Elegant pocketed, wire free mastectomy bra made of super soft lace with matching panty options.

Get to know Sophia Rose Intimates: This new company was created by two sister, Adelene and Carolyn, who were prompted to take action after watching their own mother go through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Working together as family and business partners, they brought their first collection to life. The wire-free bra has nine unique features that set them apart from the rest, including things like luxe materials, a five-part cup, and breathable pockets. Matching bottom styles include a thong and panty, in coordinating "bright peony" and "deep violet" colors. 

With just one bra style and two bottom options, we can be sure that this is just the beginning for this young brand. 

From the Sophia Rose website: "From women who are simply looking for sophisticated and comfortable lingerie to breast cancer survivors, our wireless bras and underwear are designed to make you shine like the amazing women you doesn't matter if you have had a mastectomy, reconstruction, have your natural breasts, or anything else in between, all women can wear the same lingerie: Sophia Rose Intimates!"