Lighting and Sound Cue List

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Stage performances require coordination of technical aspects like lighting and sounds. Cues are the triggers for each technical action. Use this helpful form to track all light sound and light cues.

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Lighting and Sound Cue List

Lighting and Sound Cue List. © Angela D. Mitchell for

This easy to use and comprehensive expanded blank sound and lighting cue list can be immediately printed and used for jotting down lighting and sound cues in one place during the technical rehearsal process.

Another great tool for lighting or sound designers, or for design students still learning their craft, this list keeps track of exactly what level, time, and order each lighting or sound cue happens during a performance of the show.

Included in this form is a place to note core team members on the lighting and sound crew, which production this form is for, which scene and page number in the script the cues start on, and, of course, all the details needed for each lighting cue—including a section for notes.

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Additional Pages for Cue List

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This is the form's second page, which can be printed, copied, and utilized for as many additional pages as are needed for lighting and sound cues. Some shows have very few lighting or sound cues, so you may only need to print the first page, but this provides a continuation in case you have a scene that's heavy in cues.

Depending on the length of your production, you may want to continue to just use this second page repeatedly until the end of the show, but if you're producing a three-act play, it may be beneficial to start each act on a fresh cue list form, then continue using the second page until the end of the act.

For highly technical shows, it may even be beneficial to break these cues down by scene, starting each new scene with a fresh form, all kept in one sound and one lighting binder (copied), might be more beneficial for stage management.