Life After Divorce: 4 Strategies For Moving On

Coping With Life After Divorce

Happy After Divorce
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Use These Strategies to Help You Find Fulfillment in Life After Divorce

Life after divorce can be as difficult as the divorce process itself. You have suffered a major loss and the healing process will continue, for some well after the ink is dry on your divorce settlement agreement.

Your marriage, family, and role as husband, wife, father or mother was your Plan A. Most of us don’t have a Plan B but that is what divorce calls for…the ability to come up with and put into action “Plan B.”

The key to doing this is acceptance of your present reality. You are no longer married; you are no longer someone’s husband or wife. What are you going to do with that reality? You can fight reality or accept reality and get on with your new life after divorce.

My hope is that this article helps you define your “Plan B” and move into acceptance. Divorce is not only an ending, it is also a beginning. An opportunity to take life and make it what you desire.

How to Accept an Unwanted Divorce

Few things are worse than the lack of control and emotional pain one feels when a spouse decides to leave a marriage. Questions about why there has to be a divorce go unanswered and fear of what the future holds are constant. And the loss of the one you love is unbearably painful. You can go from feeling hopelessness to hopeful and looking forward to life after divorce.

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Finding Your “Plan B” and Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

To “move on” after divorce you need to be open to new experiences, new ways of looking at things and new relationships. You have to take an active role in rebuilding your life, not sit and wait for a new life to come to you.

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Going From Stay at Home Mom to Working Full-Time Mom

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average woman’s family income drops by 37% after divorce. In other words, women suffer more financially than men do from divorce. If you are a woman thinking about divorce I suggest you do some serious financial planning before filing.

If you are a woman already divorced, I have some suggestions that will hopefully help you survive the loss of income and get your finances in order.

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Get the Most Out of Being Single Again After Divorce

When someone loses a spouse through death or divorce, that loss can be devastating. A period of mourning follows, even in the case of divorce, because of not fulfilling the dreams they had for the relationship. However, there comes a time when life has to begin again, and many singles feel lost in making this transition.

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Moving on after divorce, no matter how strong a person you are, is challenging. I know from experience that divorce knocks the wind out of your sails regardless of who’s at fault or what the circumstances are. I also know, from experience that life does begin again and if you make the most of your “Plan B” life will be more than you dreamed it could.