23 Library Memes for Book Lovers

Because the library is your happy place and you know it

A drawing of an excited cartoon character stretching out her arms and yelling with delight. The following text is at the top of the image: "Check out all the books!"

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Librarians have long been caricatured as serious and stern, but that stereotype couldn't be further from the truth. Librarians are readers, which means they're full of knowledge, which means they've got endless comic material. These library memes prove just how hilarious librarians really are.

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Please Be Patient

Empty library shelf with a sign that reads, "Please be patient. Our display on procrastination will be up soon."

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These librarians clearly understand procrastination—and humor.

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That's My Favorite Dinosaur

A sign that reads, "Dinosaurs didn't read. Now they are extinct. Thank goodness the thesaurus survived!"

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The thesaurus is every writer's best friend. A real superlative compatriot, if you will.

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These Librarians Know How to Troll

A bookshelf with all red books and a sign that reads, "I don't remember the title, but the cover was red."

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Hot tip for library patrons: if you're going to ask for help finding a book, you should know something about it besides the color of the cover.

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Library or Zoo?

An image of a library circulation desk. A panda head peeks up over the desk.

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This librarian sometimes wears her panda hat to work. She writes, "This is what it looks like to everyone walking into the library."

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Max the Library Cat

A sign that reads, "Please do not let in the cat. His name is Max. Max is nice. His owner does not want Max in the library. We do not want Max in the library. Max wants to be in the library. Please do not let Max in the library."

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Poor Max the cat. All he wants to do is check out a few books on catnip!

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Be Like Batman

A flyer with an image of Batman. Text reads, "Batman Returns: his books to the library."

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Batman returns his books on time—he's one of the good guys.

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Speaking of the Caped Crusader

A photograph of a library shelf with 5 books. Four of the book spines read "Na Na." The fifth book spine reads, "Batman."

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These librarians were clearly fans of the old school "Batman and Robin" show.

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Mystery Shelves

A bookshelf with all of the books shelved backwards so the spines cannot be seen. Above the shelf is a sign that says "Mystery."

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These clever bookstore employees created a real-life mystery. The only way to solve it is to pick up a book and start reading.

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Excellent Point

A sign placed outdoors on a snow-filled street. The sign's text reads, "Cold? Check out a book! You'll still be cold but you'll have a book."

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What could be better than a book to warm the spirit on a winter's day?

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"Not a Squirrel!"

A book drop slot at a library. The book drop is labeled "Library Return." There is a sign taped to the book drop that reads, "NOTICE: Please yell 'NOT A SQUIRREL' when opening book drop so we know you are a human and not a squirrel trying to steal Keith's lunch."

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Poor Keith.

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Fiction or Alternative Fact?

A photograph of a sign in a library that reads, "Alternative facts can be found in our fiction section."

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These librarians know how to make a snarky political statement without saying a word.

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Safe Zone

A photograph of a sign that reads, "This area has gone 27,843,723,145 days without a velociraptor attack."

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Suspiciously, they didn't mention how many days have passed since a Tyrannosaurus rex attack...

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Check You Out

A photograph taken inside a library. There is a mirror on a wall. Above the mirror, there is a sign that reads, "Self Checkout."

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This library clearly does puns right.

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Hurry—There's Just One Left

A flyer with text that reads, "It's dangerous to go solo. Take a Wookie with you."

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We'd definitely feel safer if we had a 7-foot Wookie by our side.

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Data Storage Is Serious Business

A photograph of a sign in a library that reads "Today! 5:00pm. Mandatory maintenance on all computers. Have all work saved. We have no mercy. We feed off tears."

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"Mandatory maintenance on all computers.

Have all work saved.

We have no mercy.

We feed off tears."

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Books for Everyone

A sign in a library that reads, "Come on in! We are never overbooked."

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Another corny library pun that we can't help but love.

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Thieves Everywhere

A sign in a library that reads, "Sure, I could buy my own iPhone! Or I could just wait for you to leave yours unattended!"

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This snarky sign is clearly the product of an overworked Lost and Found employee.

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A still image from the film Beauty and the Beast. Two characters stand in a beautiful, candlelit library. The text superimposed over the image reads, "Some girls wanted the prince from Beauty and the Beast. I wanted the library."

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Why fall in love when you can fall into a good book?

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No Tears Allowed

A sign displayed in a library with text that reads, "Cries carry in the library. For the courtesy of those studying around you, please relocate to the hallway if you wish to sob audibly. Thank you."

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Pro tip: if you're feeling weepy in the library, head straight to the comedy section.

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Spooky Stories

A photograph of a library shelf. Three books featuring vampires are on the shelf. Above the books is a sign with the text, "I read DEAD people."

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Vampire and horror lovers, unite! This is your new favorite library section.

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Don't Fear the Reaper

A photograph of a woman in a library. The woman is dressed in a Grim Reaper costume with red robes and cape.

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"Every year my school's librarian dresses up as a book reaper to collect overdue books."

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A Simple Request

A photograph depicting an ostrich wearing glasses and making an excited expression. The following text is superimposed over the image: "Yes, we have that book with the green cover by that famous guy. It's over in the book section."

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Librarians are super smart, but they can't possibly memorize every single book in their collection—let alone the colors of the covers of those books.

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That Library Feeling

A drawing of an excited cartoon character stretching out her arms and yelling with delight. The following text is at the top of the image: "Check out all the books!"

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Who can help themselves when there are so many good books waiting to be read?