Libra Moon (Transit) - Mood and Happenings

The Mood of Libra

Credit: Cultura RM Exclusive/Stephen Lux / Getty Images.

The Moon mood in Libra is one to implement the buddy system. It's when you want that ONE insightful sounding board, not a whole crew.

And it's a good one for staying in with your sweetie or bestie. The Moon is the private self, so with Libra we get the secret language of the twosome, in a groove. 

Libra's instinct for pairing up draws us to the confidant, or the one we trust to be a reflection. Depending on what you're wanting to see, you could want different mirrors in others. I say this, because sometimes we need to be reminded that we're....something. 

Friends fulfill different needs, as mirrors of how we feel about ourselves. Libra is the ultimate sign of projection -- who do you think I am? Under the Libra Moon, we realize how others see us, or wise up to a trait that impacts others. 

Moon Libra is a time for friends, but also for intense encounters with frenemies or outright enemies. There could be confrontations, especially if there are aspects to the Moon, from provocative planets like Mars.

Moon Libra Favored Activities

  • This airy sign sharpens your Muse, and could get words flowing, like with writing or making a presentation. 
  • Collaboration that involves two creators, especially related to home life or heartfelt ideas. 
  • Planting or tending to the flower garden, especially those that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Readings or counseling sessions, with give and take.
  • Lighten up, de-clutter your space, open windows and doors (if possible). 
  • Leave space for big sky dreaming, and avoid info overload. (Read about Too Much or Too Little Air in the Birth Chart).
  • Put effort into your Look, for confidence, and to experiment with your style. 
  • Seek out sophisticated art and culture, and be elevated by it. 


When the Moon is in airy Libra, the mood is very social. We want to pair up and bounce ideas off each other in one-on-one situations. It's easier to extend ourselves to see the other person's point of view. That makes it favorable for easy breezy togetherness.

The Moon in Libra is a good time for entertaining, too. Relaxed, leisurely gatherings are favored. Being together becomes sublime in settings that are aesthetically pleasing.

Peace and Tranquility?

Under this Moon, we especially enjoy being pampered. And we're more apt to dote on a friend or mate. If you're a spa kind of guy or gal, this is the day. 

The mood is that of mutual devotion, so we seek to draw out the best in others. We enjoy conversation, and even arguing to prove a point. An idea may come that brings balance to a situation, or has the potential to. These are power days for speeches, and offering your big idea. It's also the right mood to make amends or compromise.

Libra's dark side is being overly involved with others, or super sensitive to reactions. And I've seen firsthand how Libra energy pokes and prods with their viewpoint, instinctively seeking to throw others off balance. 

With those closest to us, we have these dances we do, that are not all fun and games. It's sometimes a tension from inner confusion, that seeks resolution from another. That makes the Libra Moon a good time to be clear with boundaries, and see when you're becoming the whipping boy -- or girl -- of another. 

Is it easier to see projection now? 

More Activities favored under the Moon in Libra

Mediating, negotiating a fair deal, restoring balance with a friend or family member, taking it easy, beautifying your home space, meditating, decorating, de-cluttering, throwing a dinner party, attending a lecture, visiting a museum, writing or editing, experimenting with fashion, indulging in luxury.

The Moon sets the emotional tone as it transits through the Zodiac signs. It changes signs every 2 1/2 days. You can work with this rhythm to "go with the flow" of the Moon.

Before Libra, the Moon is in Virgo.

After Libra, the Moon is in Scorpio.