Libra in Love: Zodiac Compatibility

Lovers in the Sun
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Libra is an easy, breezy charmer in love until it's time to make a choice.  Then they drive themselves and their friends crazy adding it all up.

They shine and cast a glamour on potential partners, while privately struggling to decide yay or nay.

Libra's ruler is Venus, and the pursuit of ideal of true love keeps them on a merry chase.  However, as Linda Goodman writes in Love Signs, finding that special someone is not a cakewalk.  

On the Libra Love Mystery:  "'When the vices and virtues of prospective mates are weighed and balanced on the Libra Scales, they are often found wanting, binging on the anguish of emotional indecision."

Vices and Virtues 

Libra is attracted to good conversation, style and yes, a pleasing appearance.  Unlike Gemini's wall of sound, this is an air sign that's looking for repartee -- witty banter, debates, and even arguments.  

Remember that air signs want the atmosphere to crackle with the excitement of ideas.  Libra has a strikingly clear mind, and above all, wants a meeting of bright minds.

But Libra is also a vigorously social creature, and impressed by things like "who you know."  They'll want to put you into the context of the social pecking order.  And some Libras steer their love course that way.  

Libra's dark side is being competitive with love while presenting a smiley facade that's impenetrable.  If they sense you're not interested, for example, they might put their seduction force on overdrive, just to turn things in their favor.  

But like other cardinal signs that play a role in love to test their mettle, it's likely not about you at all.  Libra has an edge that makes them dynamic, provocative, and a bit wily in love.  The leading role (as a cardinal sign) of Libra doesn't always mean they want you to be their co-star.  

Libra Love Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs

Yin and Yang

Libra is the first sign to peak above the horizon to the "public houses" of the Zodiac, making it one that's hyper-alert to the give and take with others.  For some Libra's there's no such thing as too much togetherness.

Libra is not going to suffer the fate of the dining dead, while in a public place.  She'll casually reach out and draw others into the conversation, and meet new people everywhere she goes.  

Libra is a sign of polarities, yin and yang, and has a strong sense of harmony.  This may factor into the love match, as a choice that brings together the right combo of masculine and feminine traits.  

The Happy Medium

Libra is a great sounding board, and as the icebreakers of the Zodiac, they're easy to be with.  They're instinctively looking for a match that's not too intense or too peaceful, but just right.

Libra is most likely to be a serial monogamist or to stay true to one partner.  

Libra's love of beauty makes them seek it out in all its forms, and they'll want to know what you find sublime.  First dates to museums, the gallery hop or the botanical garden (flowers are associated with Libra) could create a memorable atmosphere.  

When it comes to physical affection, Libra is known as the sign that actives the libido of other signs. Some Libras though, favor the courtship theatre and don't want to get their hair tousled or clothes wrinkled. Think of that scene in Downton Abbey when Matthew got randy with Lady Mary and her response was, "Don''ll make me untidy."  

Things change when Libra relaxes in a committed relationship and lets her hair down.  Perhaps the biggest compliment is when a Libra shows how messed up she really is, despite how she holds it together on the surface.

Libra isn't especially touchy-feely, despite being all about the twosome. They're more apt to show affection with a wink and a droll remark.