Teen Libra of the Zodiac

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If you're a Libra teen, you're full of big ideas and love to share them. You're very social, and love to be with friends, especially with one BFF or a crush.

Most teens think about the opposite sex, and the Libra teen doubly so. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of the Arts, beauty, and, of course, romantic love.

You are very romantic and have some natural talent for the art of love. You might like the old-fashioned idea of a long courtship, and why not?

You are drawn to someone's mind and sense of style. Even though you might talk and think a lot about love, you keep it cool for a while. The main thing is to honor your own rhythm, since you easily lose yourself in other people when it's too much, too soon. Libra's dark side comes out as superficiality and charming manipulation.

Libra's season is the autumn or fall equinox, when night and day are in perfect balance. If you look at the wheel of the Zodiac, when the Sun reaches Libra, it's ready to encounter other people in a very intense way.

Libra is the sign of harmonizing with another, and being in a relationship with someone else is a big draw for you. You're not a loner! The polarity of Aries-Libra tells the story of how you are with another—intense!

Bro-Mances and Buddy Movies

You thrive on the buddy system or having one good friend to share everything with at school. It's easier for you to do your homework in the presence of another. And you're more likely to enjoy one-on-one partner sports, like tennis, than team sports.

You've got to have an intellectual challenge and would be bored in purely physical activities. If you're competitive, it could show up in chess, debate club, class officer elections, and so on.

As a Libra teen, you're not socially shy. You are confident with class presentations, and take charge of the direction if there are group projects. Some social anxiety comes up when you're dependent on the reaction you get from others. That's why it's good to balance that by being in your own corner, no matter what.

You cut through confusion and others can see you as very clear-headed, motivating, and at times, forceful with your ideas.

If your Sun sign is Libra, you're at home with friends, and that's how you find yourself. You are gifted in the art of conversation and this is how you work out your thoughts. There's something wonderful about you; that is priceless in our time of chaos and conflict. It's your ability to make peace and see all sides of a situation. This natural skill makes you a trusted observer that friends seek out for your opinion.

Work of Art

Everyone benefits when you make it your mission to add beauty to the world. You're naturally drawn to the harmonious and uplifting in culture. And you can be disturbed by violence and the degrading (especially of women and girls) in culture. You're Venus-ruled, which means you're very artful, and often preoccupied with your own looks. Both young men and young women tend to go for classic looks, and elegant, even dressy styles. You might not mind, for example, dressing up for a wedding, or going out to dinner.

You have a hard time when there's a lot of arguing around you. And nothing makes you angrier than seeing someone treated unfairly. But sometimes you pick up habits of avoiding conflict, out of that same desire for a peaceful environment. It's important to be true to yourself, even if that throws off the equilibrium temporarily.

The constellation Libra, the scales, is often shown with one pan disrupted by the pincers of the Scorpion. And one of the challenges for the Libra teen is knowing when to take the risk to grow—and go through that disruption—and when to come back into balance. This comes through trial and error, in the course of life. It's strengthened by trusting your own instinct for balance, while also living out the opposite sign Aries, and taking creative risks to grow.

Libra’s Traditional Correspondences

  • Libra's element is Air. Air signs are bright-minded and social.
  • Libra's quality is Cardinal—big impact, open to change, natural leader.
  • Libra's planetary ruler is Venus, and Libra teens show talent for art and beautifying. Some are drawn to design, others to intellectual or literary pursuits. The Libra teen spends a lot of time, too, cultivating friendships, and rises to the top in group situations. Drama and making speeches are another area where Libra's shine brightly.
  • Libra in love is attentive and idealistic.

Creative Force

  • The Libra teen can be flummoxed, because of the desire to make the very best choice. You'll want to overcome indecisiveness, so you don't miss out on the best opportunities.
  • Your passion for making things right can lead you to be a champion for people, animals , and social movements.
  • You make the most of your teen years by developing your own gifts. There's a danger for you in getting lost in other people's business, so look for ways to rein in your focus.
  • You have an instinct for balance but might shy away from the deeper core issues in a relationship. Your ability to see with detachment will aid you in facing any fears of confrontation. Being Libra does not mean your life is always in balance, and you're always the peacemaker. Libra also rocks the boat and is always pressing for things to be better, especially in relationships.

Libra Deets

  • In tropical astrology, based on the Sun-Earth relationship (equinoxes), Libra always begins at Fall/Autumn Equinox, around September 20/21st. Libra's season is to October 20/21st.
  • Libra’s symbol is the only one in the Zodiac that’s man-made. It’s an old-timey Scale, with two pans. One pan is the measures (gold, money) and the other pan is the goods traded. It’s also a symbol for fair-dealings and balance.
  • Libra's glyph is a setting Sun, with the equal sign, signifying the equal night and day.
  • Libra rules the kidney system, lumbar region (the five vertebrae of the spine between the diaphragm and the pelvis, the skin, and the endocrine system.
  • Libra’s season comes after the harvest, when it’s all about enjoying the fruits of the labor. As a Libra teen, you know how to chill and indulge yourself with treats. Libra is known for having a sweet tooth and a love of all things beautiful and finely made.