Libra and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

man and woman dancing outdoors
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Libra and Sagittarius are the socialites of the Zodiac and are always up for an adventure. However, many Libra guys and gals seek the one and only, while Sagittarius is more easy come, easy go.    

Much will depend on when they meet -- are they both ready for commitment? And what kind of togetherness is their ideal? Sagittarius needs wide open spaces and is often resistant to settling down into a groove.  

Libra likes familiarity and bonding as a pair and makes it central. Libra says "we" a lot. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is known to keep its loyalty to the inspired path, no matter what. They need a lot of freedom and might see Libra as too dependent on the relationship as a 'thing.'  

Libra has an instinct to harmonize and enjoys a kind of call and response in relationships. Sagittarius will resist any set patterns and even begin to provoke if he feels hemmed into a give and take. What to Libra is a balanced chat can feel restrictive and out of sync with the Archer's style.  

And yet, a Libra-Sagittarius match is passionate air meeting dancing fire. Both are playful and flirty, and this starts them off on a note of exhilaration. Sadge comes bounding in with ideas, and Libra balances this out by quickly weighing the options. The conversation flows easily and swiftly, and soon they know everything about each other.

Sagittarius and Libra in Love

Sagittarius in love is restless, on the move and experimental.

Libra in love is attentive and a great sounding board.

As the relationship moves forward, Libra may expect Sadge to settle down a bit. That's not going to happen. An Archer with the roving eye and an ever-changing set of pals makes Libra nervous. Libra likes to check-in to the relationship mirror, but with Sadge it can feel more like a shifting prism. It makes Libra unsure of where they stand.

Libra likes to hold a big picture of how things are going, while the Archer seeks momentary truths that fit in with the whole. And Sadge blurts out things that feel rough and insensitive to the confrontation wary Libra. If Sadge can learn tact, reassure Libra of their devotion, and keep up with the relationship narrative, this goes far in keeping the peace.

Pros and Cons

The Libra-Sagittarius pairing thrives when they keep each other inspired. Both are social and love to have a full calendar. The Archer makes spur of the moment plans, while Libra needs to 'discuss' before taking a leap. This may seem like a small thing, but be the source of a lot of misunderstandings.

The Libran instinct for knowing when to act makes them wise advisors for the impulsive Sadge. And the Archer's childlike spontaneity lures Libra out of observer mode, and into being fully present in the adventure of the moment. With some care and understanding, these two have so much to offer each other.

Upside: Bright minds; tell it like it is; culture lovers; traveling companions; intellectually ambitious; healthy, social ease.

Downside: commitment vs. freedom; a mate for life or one of many; a thinker and a doer (experiential) serial monogamy and a player.

Quality and Element: Cardinal air (Libra) and mutable fire (Sagittarius)