How to Give My Lesbian Lover the Best Sex

What Can I do Sexually to Make her Feel Good?

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Do you want to have great lesbian sex? What is something you can do for your lover that will really turn her on? Here is a letter I received from someone who wanted to know what she could do to really satisfy her lover.

Dear Kathy:

My girlfriend and me have been having MAJOR problems lately and I really hate it. This weekend I plan giving her the best time of her life sexually to get us back on track. We’ve been together for almost 2 years and I don’t want it to end. Do you have any tips on what I can do sexually that will make her feel good again?

Lady Lover

Dear Lover:

I think it’s great that you want to do whatever you can to save your relationship. Great sex is certainly something that will make your lover happy, but will it save your relationship? Probably not.

Relationship problems usually go deeper than the sexual relationship. Sex can be a way for us to express our love and attraction to our partner and to have a good time. If we are having problems in other areas of our relationships, they can show up in the bedroom.

My advice for you is to plan a romantic get-away for you and your ladylove. If you can afford it, take her out of town to a romantic bed and breakfast—Lesbian Friendly, of course! Or just take her to a local hotel for the weekend. Getting out of your element and focusing solely on each other may be what both of you need.

Plan a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant. Take this time to talk and listen to each other. Feed her dessert.

Make her a mixed CD of your favorite love songs. Treat her to a massage, or give her one yourself. Back in your room, run her a bubble bath, light the candles, put the music on and tell her how much you love every inch of her body, mind and soul.

What is important is not what new sexual trick you pull out of your satin under garment, but that she feels loved and appreciated by you.

Finally, communication is key to any relationship. It’s great you wrote to me to get ideas for what to do in bed, but it would be much better if you could ask her what she likes and wants. Does she have some fantasy that she would like to act out with you? A new toy she wants to try? Is there something you haven't tried together that she would like to give a whirl? Ask her! She may surprise you.

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