Lesbian Breast Play

Nipple and Breast Play for Lesbians

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Women have many erogenous zones, areas of our bodies that are sensitive to touch and can create sexual excitement when stimulated. Playing with a woman's breasts and nipples is a sexual activity that many lesbians enjoy. Some women's nipples are very sensitive and they can have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Some women can only tolerate a gentle touch on their breasts. Others enjoy a bit of pain. Be sure to communicate with your partner about what you like and don't like. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for lesbian breast play:

Caress Her

Start by caressing her breasts gently and slowly. Lightly brush your palm across the sides and bottoms of her breasts, working your way to her nipples. Touch both her breasts at once or concentrate on one at a time.

Suck, Lick, and Blow

Kiss her under the breast. Take her nipple into your mouth and let it out with a pop. Blow on them. As she gets more aroused you can add more sensation. Ask her if she likes it softer or harder. Flick your tongue across her nipple and then take her whole breast into your mouth. Suck on her nipples. Vary the suction and see how she responds. While your lips are working one breast, tease her other with your hand.

Ice Cube Her

Put an ice cube in your mouth and with your cold tongue, give her a lick.

Pull or Pinch

Some women like their nipples twisted and pulled. It can be slightly painful, but that's part of the enjoyment. Take her nipple between your fingers and slowly pull away from her body. Watch how she responds and gauge your activity from there.


Gently use your teeth to give her tiny bites on her breasts and nipples. Biting can be delightful or painful depending on the woman, her mood or time of the month. Make sure you stay in communication before you bite too hard.


Vibrators can be used on breasts and nipples both in partner play or solo play. Just a little vibration around the nipples can produce an intense sensation.

Nipple Clamp

If she likes pinching and biting, she may enjoy a nipple clamp. You can buy a clamp made just for this purpose, or use a clothespin. The visual of a clamped nipple can be a turn on. Nipple clamps hurt when they go on, but hurt much more when you take them off and the blood rushes back to that area. Leave them on for a few minutes at first to see how much she can take.

Turn Her into Dessert

The breasts are a great place for sensuous foods like chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Turn her into an ice cream sundae and lick your way to her heart.

A Note on Piercings

If you or your partner has pierced nipples, be sure to clean up good with soapy water after breast play.