Hiding Love Notes Around the Home to Strengthen Your Relationship

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The Importance of Love Notes

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It appears that the most popular places to leave love notes is somewhere in your kitchen or bathroom.

Regardless of where you leave or hide a love note for your spouse to find, writing the note and taking time to find a unique place for it, says loudly that you are still very much in love with your spouse.

Here are room-by-room suggestions for where to leave love notes for your spouse to find.

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Love Notes in the Kitchen

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Room-by-Room: Kitchen

  • On an egg in the refrigerator.
  • Plan and cook a meal together and leave a love note in a recipe book or on one of the ingredients.
  • On the refrigerator door.
  • Inside your partner's favorite glass.
  • Inside your spouse's lunch box.
  • Inside your mate's favorite bag of chips or package of cookies.
  • On top of a sandwich. 
  • In your silverware drawer. 
  • Use refrigerator magnets that spell words. 
  • Taped on the inside of cupboard doors.
  • Inside the sugar canister. 
  • In the dishwasher, tied to the stove handle, and on their favorite food/snack.
  • Cut the words "I Love You" out of food, such as a block of cheese or bread. Lay it across his or her meal.
  • In their lunchbox. 
  • Open a stick of butter and carve I love you on it and then re-rap it and wait until it's opened.
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Love Notes in the Living Room

Modern Living Room

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Room-by-Room: Living Room

  • On the remote control. 
  • Inside a book, your spouse is reading.
  • On the television.
  • On your spouse's favorite chair.
  • Under a pillow.
  • Wrapped around the television remote.
  • Under the telephone.
  • In a magazine.
  • Tucked inside a CD or DVD plastic sleeve.
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Love Notes in the Bedroom

Modern Bedroom

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Room-by-Room: Bedroom

  • Write an uplifting sentence or something as simple as "smile" or "I love you" on small pieces of paper. Leave those notes in pants pockets, shirt pockets, coat pockets, pin them inside a shirt or work uniform, etc. Some will be found right away and then some months later.
  • Leave a love note in your loved one’s travel bag before they travel. Try it near the toothbrush or comb or tucked away in a pair of socks. 
  • Place notes in the pocket of their jacket if that's where they put their keys. In the morning when ready to start the car, they will find the love letter in that pocket. It may make their day!
  • Inside the jean's front pocket or where he leaves his money. He will reach in to purchase his lunch at work and find my note. 
  • Stick an "I love you" sticker under the bill of their hats. 
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Love Notes in the Home Office

Home Office

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Leaving love notes at your spouse's work location may not be appropriate, but finding one hidden in a home office can lighten your spouse's day.

Room-by-Room: Home Office

  • A sticky note on the first page of the day-planner, phone or computer. 
  • On the screen saver! Do a sentiment and something that you don't mind sharing with anyone who sees the computer. Go into the computer's settings to make the change.
  • Via email message.
  • Through a cell phone text message.
  • In your spouse's laptop case.
  • Through greeting card web sites.
  • Changed your name in their cell phone directory to say "I LOVE YOU" instead of your name when you call or text.
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Love Notes in the Vehicle

Red Car

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Room-by-Room: Vehicle

  • On or hidden in the sun visor.
  • On the car dashboard.
  • On the seat.
  • In the glove compartment.
  • On the car window.
  • Put confetti hearts in the car. 
  • Taped to the rear-view mirror
  • Inside the trunk
  • In the backseat buckled in
  • On the steering wheel with a bow
  • On the gear shift with a ribbon. 
  • Buy an inexpensive "I love you" necklace and put it over his rear view mirror.
  • Leave a love note on his steering wheel of the car with this message: Drive careful and your bride/groom will be home waiting for you at the end of the day.
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Love Notes in the Bathroom

Clean Bathroom

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Room-by-Room: Bathroom 

  • Use "bath time crayons for children" and write little love notes on the shower wall or door in red. 
  • Write a note on the toilet paper a few squares down and then re-roll it.
  • On the bathroom mirror after it is steamed up. The words faintly appear again when it is re-steamed the next time. 
  • Tucked between the towels.
  • On her makeup tray.
  • Carve I love you in her bath soap. 
  • Taped to the inside of the toilet lid. 
  • On the bathroom scale. 
  • Taped around medication bottle.
  • Post-it note on the soap, shampoo, or shower gel. 
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Love Notes in the Garage or Storage Area

Storage Area

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Room-by-Room: Garage or Storage Area 

  • On a workbench or in the workbench drawer.
  • In the tool box.
  • In a fishing tackle box. 
  • On a tool or piece of equipment frequently used. 
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Love Notes Outdoors

Front Driveway

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Room-by-Room: Outdoors

  • Draw or paint in a corner of the porch or driveway in an inconspicuous area. Make it a code word that only you two will understand or the date you met or got married.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to write a note. A good place is where he or she parks, on the way up to the steps to the house, on the patio, or in the garage.
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Love Notes in Miscellaneous Locations

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Here are more creative ideas for where to leave or hide love notes for your spouse!

Room-by-Room: Miscellaneous Locations

  • Why not send it in the mail to your home or office. It is great to get something besides bills!
  • I printed 100 post-its that all said "I LOVE YOU" on them and hid them all over the house in places they would look. 
  • Post it right to social media for the world to see (if you think they won't mind) or in a direct message.
  • Go big and hire a sky-writer or a banner plane!

*Article updated by Marni Feuerman