Essential Tips for Learning How to Ski

Mixed race man carrying skis on snowy slope
REB Images / Getty Images

Learning how to ski starts with the all-important prep work before you hit the slopes, like getting the right equipment and dressing for all kinds of conditions. This guide will help you gather everything you need and will teach you some essential techniques for that exciting first day out.  

Ski Equipment You Need
Getting a good idea of the equipment used for skiing will help you understand the sport a lot better, and it will make your first days on the slopes a lot easier!

Ski Rental Equipment
When you're a beginning skier or just trying out the sport to decide if it's the right one for you, it makes sense to rent ski equipment.

What to Wear Skiing
If you aren't sure what to wear skiing, it's best to start with the basics and then move on to the accessories. Here is a guideline for what to wear to skiing, which you can use as a checklist when you begin to assemble your ski wardrobe.

Skiing Tips

Skiing tips and techniques to help you get started on the ski slopes if you're a beginner, and to refine your technique if you're a more experienced skier.

Learn to Ski Videos
Freeskiing instruction videos to help you get on and off a ski lift and a magic carpet and to develop essential skiing techniques.  

Learn to Snow Plow
The traditional learning stance for beginning skiers is called the snow plow position. You'll need to use the snow plow to slow down and to stop, so it's one of the first techniques you should learn.

Point Your Way Down the Slope
When you move up from the snowplow turn, you can learn to begin a more advanced way of turning your skis by pointing with your arm.