Layered Hair: Is This the Best Cut on Everyone?

Why This Haircut Looks Good on Every Face Shape

Jennifer Aniston with layered hair
Lester Cohen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there a single haircut that any woman can look great in? Absolutely and it's simple, classic, and beautiful with every hair texture, color, and face shape. What is this magic cut that is so universal? Quite simply, it is shoulder-length and slightly layered.

Not only is shoulder-length hair flattering, it's always one of the hottest hair lengths. We can even say that it's a timeless look.

As fashion trends come and go, shoulder-length layers are often a mainstay, popular with celebrities and women of all types, no matter their style.

Plus, it does not have to be boring because there are many versions of this cut that can match your unique style.

Layering Is Key

Hair that is a single length is great for super-fine hair, though it doesn't work for everyone. That's why long layers are the key to the perfect haircut. They add body to flat hair, texture to thick hair, and control to curly hair. Think of layers as the best tool for fixing nearly any natural hair issue.

You do want to be careful not to layer too much in the back. If your stylist cuts in too many layers, you may end up with a mullet, a heavy top, and straggly, anemic ends. Instead, layers should be cut in the front to frame the face.

If you have short hair, don't let your stylist cut layers above the eye. Similarly, when you have long hair, never allow layers above your earlobe or you risk a dated look.

Shoulder-Length Is the Most Flattering

Long hair has always been popular, but a cut that just hits your shoulders—or just a couple inches below—is actually the most flattering look on most women.

If you have a long face, long hair can make your face appear even longer. If you have thin or flat hair, long hair can drag it down, making it even more lifeless. Wavy hair can look unkempt when it's too long and curly hair can get out of control.

According to Allure's editors, few women over age 18 can get away with hair that falls below their breasts.

That's not a universal rule, of course, because many older women look fantastic with long hair. However, it is something to keep in mind.

Shoulder-length is also one of the easiest to manage on a day-to-day basis. On casual days, you can just let it be with little or no fuss and for special occasions, it offers a lot of styling possibilities. Whether you want to pull it back into a ponytail or do an elegant upsweep, you have a nice length to work with.

Bangs Can Freshen It Up

Adding bangs to many hairstyles can freshen up your look with minimal change. They work perfectly with this mid-length layer look and there are many ways to cut and style bangs to fit your face shape.

There's definitely something to love about long, side-swept bangs. And yet, blunt bangs that are just a bit longer on the sides are also great.

Before you seize those scissors, take your hair's texture into consideration. For instance, if you have curly hair, bangs aren't always your best option. However, a few tightly curled tendrils framing your face can be quite fun. 

Parts Can Accent, Too

The other part of your style to consider is where you part your hair. With this layered cut, you can choose either a side part or a part right down the middle.

Once again, your face shape can guide you to a great look.

Some women, particularly those with square face shapes, look remarkable with middle parts. Gwyneth Paltrow is a perfect example of this. Women with oval or long face shapes, on the other hand, are often better off with a side part.

The nice thing about the part is that you can play with it and there's no commitment. Unlike cuts, colors, perms, and straighteners, you're free to try out both parts to see which looks best on you. If you don't like it, make the switch tomorrow or next week. This option is under your control!

Go for the "U" or "V" Shapes

Many women are in love with their long hair and will not let it go. That's perfectly okay and it looks great, especially when it's cut in a certain shape.

When you're at the salon, ask your stylist to cut your long locks into a "U" or "V" shape.

This means that the back is left nice and long and the sides are shorter, adding a great frame to your face. It's a classic look for long hair that's universally sexy.