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A Selection of 50 Latin Songs for a Night of Dancing

Whether you are planning to have a Latin music–themed party or just need some music you can dance to, the following playlist will provide you with a spectrum of the amazing sounds that Latin music offers. Here are 50 classic and contemporary songs from various genres such as salsa, merengue, bachata, ​reggaeton, Latin rock, and Brazilian music for your next Latin dance party.

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'Congo Mulence': Machito

Photo Courtesy Putumayo
Putumayo Presents: Latin Jazz. Photo Courtesy Putumayo

First, create the mood. People like to chat or have some drinks before hitting the dance floor, so it is important to set up the tone first. A Latin jazz track will do the trick. This classic song by Machito is an ideal way to start your Latin party. "Congo Mulence" is also featured in a very nice Latin Jazz ​album produced by Putumayo Records.

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'Menina Moca': Stan Getz

Next, bring up more sophisticated music with a Latin flavor to it. Another jazzy track, "Menina Moca," will help carry on the mood of the previous song. However, this time, move from the vibes of Afro-Cuban jazz to the realm of Brazilian jazz. Out of the many songs produced by the legendary Jazz musician Stan Getz during the time he played alongside Bossa Nova icon Joao Gilberto, "Menina Moca" is one of the best songs to get into the Latin party mood. With this transition, the crowd will be introduced to a large variety of sounds.

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'Marianao Social Club': Cachao

Photo Courtesy Sony Music
Cachao - 'Master Sessions Volume 1'. Photo Courtesy Sony Music

Continue with the previous jazzy mood, but this time, turn this Latin party up a notch. "Marianao Social Club" is a wonderful song included in the album "Master Sessions Volume 1" by Cachao. This song offers a perfect bridge to move from the sounds of Latin jazz into something a bit spicier.

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'Sou Negrao': Rappin Hood

From the sounds of traditional Cuban music and Latin jazz, jump into the vibrant flavors of Brazilian urban music. One of the biggest stars in this field is Rappin Hood. In "Sou Negrao," this rapper mixes in a fun and creative traditional pagode, a Brazilian style of music similar to samba, with the urban sounds of São Paulo, one of the biggest metropolises in the world.

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'Lo Que Paso Paso': Daddy Yankee

Staying in the urban field is easy with a classic hit from Daddy Yankee's breakthrough album "Barrio Fino." This is one of the best Reggaeton songs by the Puerto Rican superstar. "Lo Que Paso Paso" will bring people into the dance floor.

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'A Lo Cubano': Orishas

Stay on the urban side with this fantastic song from one of the most influential groups that Latin urban music has ever seen. "A Lo Cubano" is one of the most popular tracks included in Orishas' album. The song offers a combination of rap with a background sound of traditional Cuban danzón. This song is perfect to segue into a salsa or timba track.

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'Tributo al Niño Rivera': Afro-Cuban All Stars

With some people on the dance floor, it is time to play a nice salsa song. "Tributo al Niño Rivera" offers an elegant sound defined by developing musical arrangements. The flute and the tres playing in this song stand out. This single offers six solid minutes of pure good music.

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'Mujer Celosa': El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Photo Courtesy Combo Records
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - 'La Universidad De La Salsa'. Photo Courtesy Combo Records

Next, stay in the salsa field but switch vibes a bit. Move into the sounds of Puerto Rican salsa with this track of one of the premier groups in the history of this genre. "Mujer Celosa" is one of the best songs by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico and will keep any crowd dancing.

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'Canto al Amor': Sonora Ponceña

Close the salsa set with a track from another of the most influential salsa bands from Puerto Rico. "Canto al Amor" offers the typical sound that La Sonora Ponceña has forged throughout a long and successful musical career. The piano in the intro part, the brass sections, the chorus, and the hard melody of the second half of this track are fantastic. Because of all this, "Canto Al Amor" remains as one of the most popular songs ever produced by the group.

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'Dulces Sueños': Rita Indiana

Photo Courtesy Premium Latin Music
Rita Indiana - 'El Juidero'. Photo Courtesy Premium Latin Music

Now, to switch gears. Bring up the track "Dulces Sueños" by Latin alternative artist Rita Indiana. This is a funky bilingual version of the legendary song "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics. This single offers the so-called techno-merengue that Rita Indiana usually incorporates into her productions. This song is a nice bridge to jump into a merengue track.

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'Llueve el Amor': Tito "El Bambino" El Patron

Ah, the classic beats of the Dominican genre. Although "Llueve el Amor" is not the typical track from Tito "El Bambino" El Patron, this song is one of the most popular tracks that this singer has produced. "Llueve el Amor" adds a romantic touch to this Latin party playlist. Lovers will surely hit the floor.

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'Tú Eres Ajena': Eddy Herrera

Photo Courtesy J&N Records
Eddy Herrera - 'Atrevido'. Photo Courtesy J&N Records

After entering into the world of merengue, star Eddy Herrera's repertoire can spice up your party. "Tú Eres Ajena" is just one of the many ​merengue hits this Dominican artist has produced throughout his successful career.

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'Procura': Chichi Peralta

Now, move to a different style without leaving the sounds of Dominican music. To maintain the energy of the previous song, here is another great track for dancing. "Procura" offers an intoxicating fusion of tropical sounds that will keep people on the dance floor. This is one of the most popular singles included in Chichi Peralta's breakthrough album.

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'Corazon Sin Cara': Prince Royce

Photo Courtesy Top Stop Music
Prince Royce - 'Prince Royce'. Photo Courtesy Top Stop Music

Next, it is time to bring a good bachata track into this Latin party. "Corazon Sin Cara" is one of the songs that transformed Prince Royce into one of today's most popular bachata artists. This is also one of the best songs included in his self-titled album.

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'Oye Mi Canto': N.O.R.E.

After traveling through the sounds of Dominican music, it is time for a change of style. Aggressively bring up a classic reggaeton hit, "Oye Mi Canto," featuring different reggaeton stars. Latin urban music fans will hit the floor with this one.

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'I Know You Want Me': Pitbull

With "I Know You Want Me," the party moves to the urban style of Pitbull. This song is defined by Pitbull's traditional combination of rap and hip-hop with dance music. People who like this kind of disco music will enjoy this track.

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'Bossa 31': Rosalia De Souza

Switch the dancing style with an eclectic mix of electronic sounds with Brazilian music. "Bossa 31" is a favorite track from Brazilian artist Rosalia De Souza. This song provides an intoxicating sound that will keep your feet moving.

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'Tic Tic Tac': Carrapicho

To continue with the Brazilian vibes, bring "Tic Tic Tac," to the table. This is the most famous single ever produced by the group Carrapicho. People tend to let loose with this track when it is played, allowing the dance floor to be packed. If that effect does not occur, the track will at least bring a positive vibe to the floor.

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'1, 2, 3': El Simbolo

Just like "Tic Tic Tac," this track is also one of those songs people usually dance to in groups. Rather than play the typical "Macarena" song, "1, 2, 3" is known for having a global appeal.

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'Guallando': Fulanito

Photo Courtesy Cutting Records
Fulanito - 'El Hombre Mas Famoso De La Tierra'. Photo Courtesy Cutting Records

To keep the dancing mood in the right place, next play a classic merengue hit from Fulanito. Because of the energy, "Guallando" is a timeless track for any Latin party. This song offers an intoxicating sound defined by a fast merengue beat and a nice touch provided by the notes of the accordion in the background.

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'Woman del Callao': Juan Luis Guerra

Any good Latin party should play at least one track from merengue and bachata icon Juan Luis Guerra. "Woman Del Callao" is a merengue song that will keep people moving their feet on the dance floor.

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'Sin Perdon': Hector Acosta

Photo Courtesy Machete/Venemusic
Hector Acosta - 'Mitad Mitad'. Photo Courtesy Machete/Venemusic

Next, select a bachata track from Hector "El Torito" Acosta, one of the most popular stars of bachata music. "Sin Perdon" is such a cheerful-sounding tune as well as heart-wrenching.

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'Te Amo y Te Amo': La Adictiva Banda San Jose de Mesillas

Carry out the feeling of the previous song with something totally different: banda music. The popular romantic song "Te Amo y Te Amo" offers a pleasant sound shaped by the beats of cumbia and the song's brass sections. Being one of the most popular Latin music rhythms in the United States, a regional Mexican music track is good to include in the mix.

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'La Camisa Negra': Juanes

Photo Courtesy Universal Latino
Juanes - 'Mi Sangre'. Photo Courtesy Universal Latino

Next, change gears with some Latin rock, "La Camisa Negra," one of the best songs by Juanes included in his album "Mi Sangre." "La Camisa Negra" fuses rock with traditional rhythms. Thanks to this song, Juanes became a worldwide sensation.

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'Todo Tenemos un Amor' La Mosca Tse-Tse

Then, bring something funky to the mix. "Todos Tenemos un Amor" is one of the most popular tracks produced by the Argentinian band La Mosca Tse-Tse. This single features the typical style of the band, which is dominated by the sounds of ska and the tropical flavors provided by their brass sections—flavored with electric guitar playing throughout. Depending on your mood, and your company, you can either jump with this song or have a nice dance with your loved one.

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'Tunupa': Kali Mutsa

Photo courtesy Shock Music Latin
Kali Mutsa - 'Ambrolina'. Photo courtesy Shock Music Latin

Challenge people with new sounds by playing "Tunupa," by the Chilean group Kali Mutsa. This Latin alternative track provides a mix that combines Bollywood music with the sounds of traditional Andean music.

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'La Flores': Café Tacvba

After the psychedelic music of Kali Mutsa, bring a classic song by Café Tacvba, one of the pioneers of Latin rock and alternative music. One of the most fun singles ever produced by this Mexican band, "Las Flores" has the distinctive flavor that Café Tacvba has nurtured, with music influenced by ska, punk, and rock sounds. This is an energetic song to jump around to.

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'La Gota Fria': Carlos Vives

Photo courtesy Philips Sonolux
Carlos Vives - 'Clasicos De La Provincia'. Photo courtesy Philips Sonolux

Next, move into the Caribbean vibes of vallenato. The track that gave vallenato its international fame is "La Gota Fria." This is the song that transformed Carlos Vives into the most popular vallenato artist on the planet with its global appeal and accordion playing.

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'Ai Se Eu Te Pego': Michel Telo

Transition to the notes of the accordion playing Brazilian sertaneja music, with one of the hottest hits of 2011: "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" by Michel Telo is a catchy song that took the world by storm when Cristiano Ronaldo danced to it after scoring a goal in a game between Real Madrid and Málaga CF.

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'Grades do Meu Coração': Grupo Revelacao

Feature the amazing beats of Grupo Revelação, one of the most popular bands in the fields of samba and pagode. "Grades Do Meu Coração" is one of the most famous songs ever produced by this Brazilian group.

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'Mississippi Mambo': Noro Morales

After playing around with Latin alternative and Brazilian music, it is time to go back to the sounds of what people usually expect to listen to in a Latin party: salsa. To open the next set, start with this classic instrumental track by legendary pianist Noro Morales. The song provides an amazing melody for all of those who like to dance salsa in an elegant way. This is a nice song to introduce "hard salsa" (salsa dura) to.​

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'I Like It Like That': Pete Rodriguez

Photo Courtesy Fania
Pete Rodriguez - 'I Like It Like That'. Photo Courtesy Fania

Next, bring back the vibrant sounds of Latin boogaloo. Before salsa became salsa, Latin boogaloo was the big thing during the 1960s. Some of the biggest stars of this movement included artists such as the legendary Joe Cuba, Pete Rodriguez, and Joe Bataan. Pete Rodriguez's "I Like It Like That" is a favorite Latin Boogaloo song due to its high energy.

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'Síguelo': Javier Vazquez

Close the set with one of the best tracks in the history of hard salsa and salsa dura, "Síguelo." This song offers the original and best sound of salsa music.

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'Caraluna': Bacilos

Deliver a transition to something a little bit softer by adding one of the best songs produced by the group Bacilos. The melody of "Caraluna" is defined by the popular combination of vallenato with tropical sounds that several Colombian artists have been forging. With this break, the next step is to explore tropical and Caribbean beats.

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'Píntame de Colores': Gloria Estefan

Photo Courtesy Burgundy Records
Gloria Estefan - '90 Millas'. Photo Courtesy Burgundy Records

"Píntame de Colores" is one of the best songs Gloria Estefan included in her album "90 Millas." This track brings a sound shaped around traditional Cuban music. In particular, the sounds of the tres and clave provide this song with a ​Caribbean flavor.

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'La Gran Manzana': Orquesta Frenesi

Introduce an interesting hybrid song with "La Gran Manzana." This single achieved success thanks to the combination of rap and hip-hop with merengue. Besides being a nice song to dance to, this track opens the field for additional merengue into this playlist.

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'Loca Conmigo': Los Toros Band

"Loca Conmigo" is among the favorite merengue songs produced by Los Toros Band. The melody, which is easy to follow, is adorned with brass sections and solid percussion. Because of the way it combines romantic and danceable segments, this is one of those songs that is good for flirting.

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'Nuestra Canción': Elvis Crespo

Following the vibes of the previous song, this is another merengue track by the popular Puerto Rican artist Elvis Crespo. "Nuestra Canción" falls into the romantic side of the genre. Lovers will love to dance to it.

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'Bachata en Fukuoka': Juan Luis Guerra

Photo Courtesy Latin
Juan Luis Guerra - 'Bachata En Fukuoka'. Photo Courtesy Latin

To continue with the Dominican flavor, close this set with another song by Juan Luis Guerra. This time, play one of the most famous bachata songs produced by the iconic Dominican artist. "Bachata en Fukuoka" will give lovers a reason to stay on the dance floor. This song offers a nice melody and the usual poetic lyrics Guerra always adds to his songs. And don't miss the salsa segment toward the end.

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'Atrévete Te Te': Calle 13

Spice up the Latin party with a little bit of reggaeton and cumbia featuring one of the biggest names in Latin music. "Atrévete Te Te" is the song that transformed Puerto Rican band Calle 13 into a Latin urban music phenomenon. This classic song from their repertoire features a nice combination of reggaeton, r​ap, and cumbia.

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'Fuego': Bomba Estereo

Photo Courtesy Nacional Records
Bomba Estereo - 'Blow Up'. Photo Courtesy Nacional Records

Extend the sound of the previous song with this contemporary track produced by Bomba Estereo, one of Colombia's most intriguing Latin alternative bands. Besides cumbia and rap, "Fuego" includes a nice touch of electronic music that enhances the eclectic appeal of this song. This is another cool song to challenge your crowd with.

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'Bam Bam': Rabanes

"Bam Bam" is charged with good energy. It is a tropical fusion that borrows elements from different genres. To place this track into some sort of label, this could be considered tropical rock. "Bam Bam" is one of the most popular tracks produced by the Panamanian band Rabanes and is a full explosion from beginning to end.

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'Pasarela': Dalmata

"Pasarela" is a smooth song that offers a great beat. An interesting element added to this track is the mariachi background that goes along with the whole melody. This is one of the best singles of the collaboration work between reggaeton artists Dalmata and Ñejo.

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'Le Gustan Los Artistas': Gente de Zona

Next, it is time to feature a Cubaton track. While reggaeton is a genre that developed in Puerto Rico, Cubaton is the urban music equivalent that has developed in Cuba. For newcomers, the genres may sound almost identical. However, Cubaton has a sound that is clearly defined by the beats of Cuban music. One of the biggest names of Cubaton is Gente de Zona. Their hit "Le Gustan Los Artistas" is a great song for a Latin dance party.

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"No Podrás Escapar de Mi': Willie Gonzalez

After so many intense songs, it is time to start preparing the end of the Latin party by turning the level down a bit. To achieve this, a romantic salsa song is a good option in this position in the playlist. Introduce one of the most famous hits of the popular romantic salsa singer Willie Gonzalez. "No Podrás Escapar de Mi" combines lyrics full of romanticism with a soft melody that lovers will enjoy.

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'Te Conozco Bien': Marc Anthony

Keep the mood by bringing another romantic salsa song into this party set. This time, play "Te Conozco Bien," one of the most famous salsa hits by Latin music superstar Marc Anthony. Although this is a romantic track, the second half of this song offers a danceable musical segment.

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'Promise': Romeo Santos

Photo courtesy Sony U.S. Latin
Rome Santos - 'Formula Vol. 1'. Photo courtesy Sony U.S. Latin

Continue to give couples a reason to stay on the dance floor. This time, feature the last bachata song on the playlist. "Promise" is a hit song included in Romeo Santos' album "Formula Vol. 1," one of the best Latin albums of 2011. This bachata song has a nice touch of R&B thanks to the singing that Usher provides.

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'Golpes en el Corazon': Los Tigres del Norte

Photo Courtesy Fonovisa
Los Tigres del Norte - 'MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte and Friends'. Photo Courtesy Fonovisa

End this Latin party playlist with three romantic tracks. By now, people are likely to have danced a lot and it is time to enjoy some smooth melodies you can either sing or dance to. Bring the norteño music hit "Golpes en el Corazon" by Los Tigres del Norte. This version, which features Latin pop star Paulina Rubio, is one of the best tracks included on the album "MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte and Friends."

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'Embrujo': Andres Cepeda

Andres Cepeda is one of the most charismatic artists from Colombia. His music offers a nice fusion of tropical rhythms with bolero and a bit of pop. "Embrujo" is another nice romantic song to wind down the night. The melody, which sounds almost like a ranchera song, leaves the field open for the last song of this playlist.

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'Por Tu Maldito Amor': Vicente Fernandez

Very often, a Latin party ends with a selection of heartbreaking songs that people like to sing together while drinking the last shots of the night. Classic bolero, ranchera, or vallenato songs are some of the favorite styles featuring these kinds of tracks. Because of this, the last song on this playlist is "Por Tu Maldito Amor," one of the best songs by Vicente Fernandez.