Latin Music for Father's Day

If you are looking for Latin music ideas to celebrate Father's Day, the following titles will provide you with a selection of meaningful and touching tracks that fit this special celebration. They come in different flavors including Ranchera, Latin Pop and Salsa songs. I hope this article helps you to find the track you are looking for.

"El Hombre Que Mas Te Amo" - Vicente Fernandez

This Ranchera track by the legendary Mexican artist Vicente Fernandez is definitely an ideal song to celebrate Father's Day. Thanks to its sound and lyrics, "El Hombre Que Mas Te Amo" is a very touching song. The core message of this single relies on the following message: "Recuerda que fue tu padre el hombre que mas te amo" (Remember that your father was the man who loved you the most).

"Mi Viejo" - Piero

"Mi Viejo" is the most famous track ever written by the Argentinian singer and songwriter Piero. The song, which was released back in 1969, became an instant hit throughout Latin America. With this meaningful song, Piero paid tribute to his father. This timeless hit is one of the best Latin music songs to celebrate Father's Day.

"Que Falta Me Hace Mi Padre" - Antonio Aguilar

This is a very moving song for all of those who have lost their father. In this track, the legendary Mexican music singer Antonio Aguilar pays tribute to the special moments and lessons that are forged between a father and a son. "Que Falta Me Hace Mi Padre" will definitely touch you. Although the song may be painful to listen to, it honors the memories of that special person that is not longer around.

"Vos Sabes" - Fabulosos Cadillac

Normally, a Father's Day track is recorded by a son who wants to honor his dad. However, "Vos Sabes" goes the other way around. In this track, the Latin Rock band Los Fabulosos Cadillac portraits a message that deals with the joyful words that a father feels towards his son. In spite of this, "Vos Sabes" fits very well the loving relationship that unites fathers and sons.

"Cuando Yo Queria Ser Grande" - Alejandro Fernandez

This is a ​beautiful Ranchera song Alejandro Fernandez dedicated to his legendary father Vicente Fernandez. A touching song that deals with the memories that are forged between a son and his father. "Cuando Yo Queria Ser Grande" is a mature reflection that takes into consideration the fact the not even our loved ones are eternal.

"Quizas" - Enrique Iglesias

"Quizas" is a moving song by Enrique Iglesias. Throughout this song, the Latin Pop superstar elaborates an intimate message dedicated to Julio Iglesias, his father and one of the most influential Latin music artists of all time. The melody is soft and the lyrics are full of love and nostalgia.

"A El" - Oscar D'Leon

"A El" is one of the biggest Salsa hits from the Venezuelan sonero. With its meaningful lyrics, this track is one of the best Latin music songs to celebrate Father's Day. also one of the best Latin music songs to honor your father. Besides this, "A El" also offers an amazing beat that makes this song an ideal track for a Latin party.

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