Latin Love Song Playlist

Is there anything more romantic and passionate than Latin music? Think about how many times Latin music is used to set a romantic, sensual mood in films and then think about how this music, at just the right moment, might be just what you need to set the mood for a romantic moment.

Here is a playlist of some really luscious music that might be just what you're looking for.

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Juan Luis Guerra - "Que Me Des Tu Carino"

Juan Luis Guerra - La Llave de mi Corazon
Juan Luis Guerra - La Llave de mi Corazon. EMI

Dominican Juan Luis Guerra's La Llave de mi Corazon swept all the awards the year of its release. Of all the songs on the album, "Que Me Des Tu Carino" is a sonnet set to music, a song that sets the heart beating faster to dreams of that special someone.

From La Llave de mi Corazon

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Selena - "I Could Fall In Love"

Selena - Dreaming of You
Selena - Dreaming of You.

Years after her death, tejano star Selena still holds her fans in thrall. She was working on her first crossover album, Dreaming of You, when she was killed by a fan. The premier love song from the album is still a staple of Latino weddings all over the country.

From Dreaming of You

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Enrique Iglesias - "Could I Have This Kiss Forever"

Enrique Iglesias - Enrique
Enrique Iglesias - Enrique.

Julio Iglesias was the master of romantic music to an earlier generation. Now the mantle has passed to son Enrique who shows he really is his father's son in this English-language love song. 

From Enrique

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Antonio Banderas & Compay Segundo - "Beautiful Maria of My Soul"

Compay Segundo - Duets
Compay Segundo - Duets.

You don't normally think of actor Antonio Banderas as a singer, but he's proved himself in both Desperado and The Mambo Kings. In this English-language ballad, Cuba's Compay Segundo joins him in a duet from the song made famous in The Mambo Kings.

From Compay Segundo - Duets

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Luis Miguel - "Historia De Un Amor"

Luis Miguel - Segundo Romance
Luis Miguel - Segundo Romance.

"Historia De Un Amor" tells the eternal story of love, from the tender introduction through the feelings that bring passion to the boiling point. This classic song has been sung by many artists; here the voice of Latin romance, Luis Miguel, does it justice.

From Segundo Romance

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La Quinta Estacion & Marc Anthony - "Recuerdame"

La Quinta Estacion - Sin Frenos
La Quinta Estacion - Sin Frenos.

Spain's La Quinta Estacion took home the 'Best Latin Pop Album' at the 2010 Grammy Awards for this album and there are two versions of "Recuerdame" contained on the release. The duet with Marc Anthony is killer -- a song for all those that dream about love won and lost.

From Sin Frenos

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Los Toros Band - "Rondando Tu Esquina"

Los Toros Band - Bachateame
Los Toros Band - Bachateame.

In the realm of bachata, Los Toros Band has been a favorite for years, especially those during which Hector Acosta sang the lead.

However, "Rondando Tu Esquina" is not really a bachata. It is an old tango from 1945, originally performed by Orquesta Charlo. This version of the song receives a Dominican treatment and the combination of the bachata style layered upon a tango is seamless and lovely, especially when sung by 'El Torito.'

From Bachateame

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Gloria Estefan - "Mi Buen Amor"

Gloria Estefan - Amor y Suerte
Gloria Estefan - Amor y Suerte. Sony

When Gloria Estefan's Mi Tierra was released, it sat in my car's CD player for a good year. It kept disappearing, though, as those who borrowed my car chose to also borrow the disc.

When Estefan made Amor Y Suerte, she personally picked what would be on her album. I'm glad she included "Mi Buen Amor" from Mi Tierra; it reminds me of the year I spent with her album and remains one of the loveliest love songs of the last two decades. 

From Amor Y Suerte

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Gianmarco - "Hasta Que Vuelvas Conmigo"

Gianmarco - Desde Adentro
Gianmarco - Desde Adentro.

I have a serious prejudice for the music of Peru's Gianmarco. Talk about romantic music! This ballad is accompanied by acoustic guitar and has a flamenco feel to it. You can feel the romance and passion in every note -- perfect for a night of seduction.

From Desde Adentro

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Marc Anthony - "I Need To Know"

Marc Anthony - Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony - Marc Anthony.

Marc Anthony: Love him or hate him? As one of the biggest-selling Latin artists, there are many people who think he is the best, but there are a lot of detractors that find his music formulaic and over-produced. The song "Dimelo" was a big hit in its time; the English-language version "I Need To Know" still remains a favorite and is a good song for those non-Spanish speaking fans of the genre.

From Marc Anthony

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