The Largest U.S. Convenience Store Chains

How They Measured Up in 2018's Rankings

Graphic showing the 2018 largest gas station and convenience store chains in the U.S.


The U.S. convenience store industry continues to grow with 154,958 stores and combined sales of $616.3 billion in annual revenue for 2017 (figures from Statista). Growth was slower for convenience store chains than in previous years, however, with a 9% revenue increase that was driven largely by a 12.4% increase in gas prices, according to "Convenience Store News."

The convenience store segment of the U.S. retail industry is a segment worth watching and measuring. There are many ways to measure and rank the “largest” convenience store chains operating in the United States. The way "Convenience Store News" chooses to measure and rank each year is according to the total U.S. store count, whether the parent company is based in the United States or in another country.

The Rankings Data

The Convenience Store News Top 100 compares rankings of the 100 largest convenience store chains from 2017 and 2018. The list is arranged numerically, according to the 2018 rank of the retail chain. The numbers on the left of each store indicate the rankings of the chain in 2018 and 2017, as measured by the total U.S. store count when compared to a total of 100 of the largest convenience store chains. Several stores tied in the top spots with the same ranking:

2018-1    2017-1  7-Eleven Inc. (7-Eleven, Stripes) 

2018-2    2017-2  Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (Circle K, Corner Store, Dairy Mart, Diamond) 

2018-3    2017-3  Shell Oil/Motiva Enterprises LLC (Shell) 

2018-4    2017-4  Marathon Petroleum Corp. (Marathon, Rich Oil, Speedway) 

2018-5    2017-5  Chevron Corp. (Chevron, Chevron ExtraMile, Texaco) 

2018-6    2017-7  Exxon Mobil Corp. (Exxon, Exxon Tiger Mart, Mobil, Mobil Mart) 

2018-7    2017-6  BP North America (Amoco, Am-Pm, Arco, Arco Thrifty, BP,) 

2018-8    2017-10  Casey’s General Stores Inc. (Casey’s General Store) 

2018-9    2017-8  Sunoco LP (APlus, Aloha Island Mart, Coastal,) 

2018-10   2017-36  Andeavor Corp. (Am-Pm/Andeavor, Flyers, Giant, Giant Service,) 

2018-11   2017-11  CITGO Petroleum Corp. (CITGO) 

2018-12   2017-14  GPM Investments LLC (Admiral Petroleum, Apple Market, BreadBox,) 

2018-13   2017-12  ConocoPhillips/Phillips 66 (76, Conoco, Phillips 66) 

2018-14   2017-13  Cumberland Farms Inc. (Cumberland Farms, Gulf) 

2018-15   2017-n/a  Valero Energy Corp. (Valero) 

2018-16   2017-n/a EG Group (U.S. HQ) (Fresh Eats MKT, Kroger Express, Kroger Fuel) 

2018-17   2017-16  Wawa Inc. (Wawa) 

2018-18   2017-17  QuikTrip Corp. (QuikTrip) 

2018-19   2017-18  RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. (RaceTrac, Raceway) 

2018-20   2017-20  Pilot Flying J (Flying J, Mr. Fuel, Pilot Express, Pilot Food) 

2018-21   2017-19  Military (Coast Guard Mini Mart, Marine Corps Shoppette,) 

2018-22   2017-23  Kwik Trip Inc. (Kwik Star, Kwik Trip, Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery) 

2018-23   2017-21  Sheetz Inc. (Sheetz) 

2018-24   2017-25  TravelCenters of America LLC (Minit Mart, Petro Stopping Center,) 

2018-25   2017-27  Love’s Country Stores Inc. (Love’s Country Store, Love’s Travel Stop) 

2018-26   2017-26  CHS Inc. (Ampride, Cenex, CHS, Zip Trip) 

2018-27   2017-28  Kum & Go LC (Kum & Go) 

2018-28   2017-29  COPEC Inc. (Delta Express, Discount Food Mart, Favorite) 

2018-29   2017-30  Stewart’s Shops Corp. (Stewart’s Shop) 

2018-30   2017-32  Allsup’s Convenience Stores Inc. (Allsup’s) 

2018-31   2017-33  Maverik Inc. (Maverik) 

2018-32   2017-37  Murphy USA Inc. (Murphy Express, Murphy USA) 

2018-33   2017-38  United Pacific (C Stop, My Goods Market, United Oil,) 

2018-34   2017-42  Global Partners LP/Alliance Energy Corp. (Alltown, Convenience Plus, Fast Freddie’s,) 

2018-35   2017-39  Jacksons Food Stores Inc. (Jacksons Food Store) 

2018-36   2017-31  Dunne Manning (Choice, Express Lane, Hy-Miler, Joe’s Kwik) 

2018-37   2017-n/a  Cal’s Convenience Inc.  Stripes) 

2018-38   2017-41  Landmark Industries Inc. (Timewise Food Store) 

2018-39   2017-40  Fikes Wholesale Inc. (CEFCO Food Store, Food Fast) 

2018-40   2017-35  United Refining Co. of Pennsylvania (Country Fair, Kwik Fill, Kwik Fill &) 

2018-41   2017-46  Two Farms Inc. (Royal Farms) 

2018-42   2017-43  Thorntons Inc. (Thorntons) 

2018-43   2017-44  Meijer Inc. (Meijer Gas Station) 

2018-44   2017-45  United Dairy Farmers (United Dairy Farmers) 

2018-45   2017-47  Giant Eagle Inc. (GetGo) 

2018-46   2017-50  QuickChek Inc. (QuickChek) 

2018-47   2017-52  Sinclair Oil Corp. (Sinclair) 

2018-48   2017-54  Hy-Vee Food Stores Inc. (Hy-Vee Gas Station) 

2018-49   2017-55  Krauszer’s Food Store (Krauszer’s Food Store) 

2018-50   2017-51  Convenient Food Mart Inc. (Convenient Food Mart) 

2018-51   2017-31  CrossAmerica Partners LP (Freedom Valu Center, Jet Pep) 

2018-51   2017-56  Blarney Castle Oil Co. (E Z Mart) 

2018-53   2017-57  Go Mart Inc. (Go Mart) 

2018-54   2017-108  Enmarket Inc. (E-Z Shop, Enmarket) 

2018-54   2017-53  Kwik Stop Inc. (Kwik Stop) 

2018-56   2017-59  Martin & Bayley Inc. (Huck’s) 

2018-57   2017-49  Clark Brands LLC (Clark) 

2018-57   2017-58  Englefield Oil Co. (Duchess Shoppe) 

2018-59   2017-62  Terrible Herbst Inc. (Terrible Herbst) 

2018-60   2017-60  7-Eleven Stores of Oklahoma (7-Eleven) 

2018-61   2017-61  Plaid Pantries Inc. (Plaid Pantry) 

2018-61   2017-110  Pester Marketing Co. (Alta Convenience, Kwik Stop, Smitty’s) 

2018-63   2017-63  Mirabito Energy Products (Mirabito) 

2018-64   2017-64  Little General Stores Inc. (Little General) 

2018-64   2017-65  Stinker Stations (Stinker Stores) 

2018-66   2017-68  True North Energy (True North) 

2018-67   2017-66  Town Pump Inc. (Town Pump) 

2018-68   2017-69  Panjwani Energy LLC (Star Stop) 

2018-69   2017-75  C.A.R. Enterprises Inc. (2 Go Mart, Rebel) 

2018-69   2017-72  M.M. Fowler Inc. (Family Fare) 

2018-71   2017-86  Croton Holding Co. (Par Mar Stores) 

2018-71   2017-n/a  Empire Petroleum Partners LLC (Fast Market, Fiesta Mart, Quik Way Food Mart) 

2018-73   2017-71  Express Mart Franchising Corp. (Express Mart) 

2018-73   2017-84  Sampson Bladen Oil Co. Inc. (Han-dee Hugo’s) 

2018-73   2017-94  BW Gas & Convenience LLC (Yesway) 

2018-73   2017-67  Sam’s Food Store (Chucky’s Food Store, Hess/Aldin Associates,) 

2018-77   2017-74  Victory Marketing LLC (Sprint Mart) 

2018-77   2017-70  Tri Star Energy LLC (Daily’s, T Fuel, Tri Star Energy, Twice Daily) 

2018-79   2017-73  Reid Stores Inc. (Crosby’s) 

2018-80   2017-76  Gulshan Enterprises (Handi Plus, Handi Stop) 

2018-81   2017-79  Johnson Oil Co. (Express Lane) 

2018-81   2017-77  Toot N Totum Food Store Inc. (Toot N Totum) 

2018-83   2017-78  The Spinx Co. Inc. (Spinx Store) 

2018-84   2017-83  Newcomb Oil Co. (Five Star Food Mart) 

2018-85   2017-82  FKG Oil Co. (Moto Mart) 

2018-85   2017-80  Buchanan Oil Co. (Bucky’s) 

2018-87   2017-n/a  Turn Outz Inc. (One Stop WV, Stop In) 

2018-87   2017-81  C. N. Brown Co. (Big Apple) 

2018-89   2017-89  Southwest Georgia Oil Co. (Inland Sun Stop, S&S Food Store,) 

2018-90   2017-87  MFA Oil Co. (Break Time, MFA Oil, Petro Card 24) 

2018-91   2017-88  Gate Petroleum Co. (Gate) 

2018-92   2017-91  CHR Corp. (Rutter’s) 

2018-92   2017-90  Family Express Corp. (Family Express) 

2018-94   2017-100  Southeast Petro Distribution (Sunshine Express, Sunshine Food Mart) 

2018-95   2017-93  7-Eleven Hawaii Inc. (7-Eleven) 

2018-95   2017-97  Weigel’s Stores Inc. (Weigel’s, Jug O Milk Store) 

2018-97   2017-101  Sunmart Inc. (Sunmart) 

2018-97   2017-98  Dandy Mini Marts Inc. (Dandy Mini Mart) 

2018-97   2017-107  Clark’s Pump-N-Shop Inc. (Clark’s Pump-N-Shop) 

2018-100  2017-96  Walters-Dimmick Petroleum Inc. (Johnny’s Markets) 

2018-100  2017-99  Certified Oil Co. (Certified) 

Data Results

The study reveals that the top 10 largest convenience store chains operating in the United States include 7-Eleven, BP, Shell, Chevron, and Alimentation Couche-Tard. These stores do not change their rankings much from year to year; however, there are exceptions, such as Andeavor Corp., which jumped 26 ranking positions to 10, and Valero, which didn’t make the top 100 list in 2017 but ranked 15 in 2018.

Convenience stores offer many benefits to travelers stopping for gas or to buy something to eat. Their long hours of operation, convenient locations, and popular food items attract and serve large numbers of customers daily.