LandRoller Mojo Blue Inline Recreational Skate

You Will Get Attention in These Unique Inline Skates

The LandRoller Mojo Skate. © LandRoller, Inc.

The Bottom Line

The LandRoller Mojo Blue model offers updated performance, some new features and lighter weight while using the same Angled Wheel Technology™ as previous models.

  • Mojo Blue has 20% more urethane on the wheels for longer wheel life than previous models.
  • The LandRoller Mojo boot and frame is lighter than previous models.
  • ABEC 7 bearings are removeable and replaceable.
  • US men's sizes up to 13 (previous models went up to a US men's size 12).
  • Priced lower than LandRoller Terra 9 or Terra Limited.


  • Limited retail/brick and mortar store availability.
  • Weight limit for users.
  • Still not speed or marathon friendly (suitable for recreational skating only).


  • Out-of-line wheel configuration provides stability and has a short adjustment time for most skaters.
  • Lighter weight hybrid boot still provides support and comfort.
  • Large wheels have more urethane coating to provide a longer wheel life.

Guide Review - LandRoller Mojo Blue Inline Recreational Skate

LandRoller Mojo Blue is an improved and lower-priced Angled Wheel Technology (AWT) skate that uses two oversized wheels in a unique but stable angled configuration. These wheels now have more polyurethane for a longer life and continue to offer a smooth ride. The new design fabrication weighs less than previous LandRoller models. Mojo has replaceable ABEC 7 bearing sets with the option of upgrading to ABEC 9. These serviceable bearings can be cleaned, too. These changes were made in response to customer feedback on previous models.

The Mojo skates are still as much fun to own for recreational and fitness skating at any level as other LandRoller models. There is good stability for city rolling and trails, and the unique look is always an attention-getter and very news worthy. A lot of the serious speed, marathon or fast-paced fitness skaters appreciate the improvements in this model, but they still prefer the specialized equipment for speed or distance related skating activities where they may need to keep up with other skaters.

Accessories Include:

  • LandRoller helmet
  • LandRoller protective gear pads
  • Easy Grip carrying handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Replacement wheels
  • Bearings in ABEC 7 and ABEC 9 ratings
  • Bearing puller
  • Brake pads
  • Baseball caps and tee shirts

If you want to try these LandRoller skates before buying, these can be rented at the following retail locations:

J’s Rentals
1501 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, California 90291
(310) 392-7306 Map and Directions

Hollywood Beach Trikke
101 North Ocean Drive #125
Hollywood, Florida 33019
(305)316-7764 Map and Directions