Installation Overview: Army Garrison, Yongsan, Korea

Getting Stationed In Korea And In the Army

United States Army Garrison Yongsan (USAG-Y) is located in the center of Seoul, South Korea and is home to the headquarters for the U.S. military presence in Korea, known as United States Forces Korea (USFK), as well as the headquarters for the Eighth United States Army and Installation Management Command Korea Region. Official Website However, the Yongsan Base will be turned over the the South Koreans and United Nations as most of the US Army headquarters and soldiers will move to USAG Humphreys by 2019. This is known as the Yongsan Relocation Program. 

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Overview / Mission

USAG Yongsan
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United States Army Garrison Yongsan is one of many forward deployed military bases of the U.S. Army.  The mission is to provide standardized, effective and efficient services, facilities and infrastructure, and to ensure continuity of operations in a time of transition for our Service Members, Families, and Civilians commensurate with their service.

The U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan's is home to more than 21,000 Service Members, Families, Civilians, Contractors, Retirees, Korean Augmentees to the U.S. Army, Korean Military, Korean Service Corps and Korean National Employees; as well as headquarters for United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, United States Forces Korea and Eighth Army.  Facebook Page

However, USAG Yongsan is moving. The Yongsan Relocation Program (YRP) relocates most U.S. Forces and headquarters United Nations Command activities from the Seoul metropolitan area to areas south, most notably to U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Humphreys. USAG Humphreys has grown exponentially over the past 10 years due to projects led by the Far East District.

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Base Information

Memorial Day Commemorated In U.S. Army Base In Seoul
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The garrison lies on 620 acres located within Yongsan-gu district of Seoul, Korea's capital - a city of 16 million people. Facilities include multiple family housing areas with yards and tree-lined streets, plus the small wooded areas, a large shopping center (Commissary and Exchange), Army MWR facilities, hospital, a dental clinic, Department of Defense Dependent Schools, Child Development Centers and Dragon Hill Lodge. The Lodge is a hotel which is operated by the Army in support of personnel assigned or employed by the U.S. Forces Korea, their family members, and guests.

The garrison provides installation support for an outlying U.S. Army housing area called Hannam Village (in Hannam-dong, Seoul) Now, serves as the central in-processing and orientation center for U.S. service members and their families arriving in Korea.  Outside the garrison, east of the compound is a commercial district with a highly urbanized city of Seoul complete with westernized shopping and nightlife. 

Base Shopping / Entertainment

Emergency Numbers

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Population/Major Units Assigned

Yongsan Base Korea
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U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan is home to more than 21,000 Service Members, Families, Civilians, Contractors, Retirees, Korean Augmentees to the U.S. Army, Korean Military, Korean Service Corps and Korean National Employees; as well as headquarters for United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, United States Forces Korea and Eighth Army.

USAG Yongsan is home to the quad-headquarters of the United Nations Command, US-ROK Combined Forces Command, United States Forces Korea and the Eighth United States Army. In addition, tenant units to include all headquarters for the Major Subordinate Units are located in Yongsan.

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Visiting / Living on Arm Garrison Yongsan, Korea

Yongsan Living
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All Military, DoD Civilians and their Families arriving in Korea by a commercial airline will fly into Incheon International Airport (Kimpo Airport is used for domestic flights). The U.S. Armed Forces has a Liaison Office in the airport to assist you when you arrive.

Temporary Lodging Information

If you are traveling on orders and the persons that are accompanying you are not on orders, inform the Lodge upon making your reservation. Room reservations will be accepted up to 365 days prior to departure date for PCS (TLA) only. LEAVE/PASS/TDY will only be accepted 6 months in advance of check-out date. Reservations may be made for a maximum of 30 days for LEAVE/PASS per year based on space available. The rates are subject to change, so are not posted here.  Dragon Hill Lodging


The USAG-Yongsan Housing Office is located in the Community Services Building S-4106, south of the Dragon Hill Lodge on South Post. On post housing on USAG-Yongsan is leased housing managed by the Korean Housing Authority and their Yongsan Leased Housing Management Office. (Video)

There are two family housing areas in Yongsan/USAG-Y: South Post and Hannam Village. Senior and Field Grade officers and Sergeant Majors are housed on South Post. Based on availability, 1SG/MSG (E8) may be housed in the quadplex units on South Post.

Company grade officers and enlisted personnel (E5-E8) are housed in leased quarters in Hannam Village. Burke Towers were designed and built for field grade officers (MAJ/LTC). They were completed in July 2004 and consist of two towers. 

Unaccompanied E6 and below need to plan on residing on post, while senior personnel may reside off-post in the Furnished Apartment Program. Unaccompanied grades E-6 and below are required to reside in the barracks, E-5 and E-6 may be assigned to Bachelor Enlisted Quarters.

The HSO staff serve as a liaison between the landlord, realtor and you, the customer. Rental costs are higher than normally associated with stateside assignment. However, off-post allowances usually offset the additional expenses involved with these quarters.

Housing FAQ

Child Care

Yongsan Child Development Services (CDS) Hours of Operation Monday through Friday: 0545 -1800. They can be reached at DSN 738-3406. The CDS provides services for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age, including full-day care, hourly care, part-day preschool, and Kindergarten before/aftercare.  Childcare fees are determined by Total Family Income. They do provide hourly care on a space-available basis. Part-day Preschool is offered in conjunction with the school year for children ages 3-5.

SAS provides Before and After-School programs for children in 1st through 5th grades. Before-School care is provided from 0545-0745, and After-School Care begins immediately after school ends until 1800. DSN: 738-3051/4707 Building #4211, South Post.


The USAG-Yongsan school district is made up of Seoul American Elementary School, Seoul American Middle School, and Seoul American High School. All three schools are located on USAG-Yongsan's South Post. The schools provide cost-free education to command-sponsored military and DOD civilian Family Members. Non-Command Sponsored students, as well as Non-DOD students, may attend on a tuition-paying, space available basis.

USAG-Yongsan Schools have a cosmopolitan environment with children from Asian and European countries, students adjust very quickly and form close bonds. 

Sure, Start and Pre-Kindergarten Programs, a child must be 4 years of age by September 1.
Kindergarten Programs, a child must be 5 years of age by September 1. First Grade, a child must be 6 years of age by September 1. If you have any questions about exceptions, contact DoDEA.

Adult Education and Training support is designed for the professional and personal development of soldiers. The Army Education Center is available on a walk-in basis and is located at the Moyer Rec Center. There is a testing office for college placement. Universities available for degree programs: Central Texas College, Troy State University, University of Maryland, University of Oklahoma, and the University of Phoenix.

Medical Care

The U.S. Army operates a 61-bed hospital on Yongsan Garrison in Seoul and seven health clinics across the Korean peninsula. The facility focuses on providing comprehensive primary care for eligible TRICARE beneficiaries. The U.S. Army Hospital on Yongsan offers specialty services including obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, podiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral health, general surgery, dermatology, otolaryngology, audiology, neurology, optometry, and ophthalmology. Care for non-TRICARE beneficiaries is offered on a space-available basis.

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