Knees on Chest Sex Positions

Christian Adams/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Basic Knees on Chest Sex Position:

The partner being penetrated lies on their back, and brings their knees to their chest. The partner doing the penetration can either kneel facing their partner (which puts their weight and balance on their legs), or have their legs stretched out and use their upper arms and hands for strength and balance. The partner doing the penetration can let their chest rest on the back of their partners thighs.


The legs of the partner on bottom can be held tightly together or spread far apart, each changing the feeling for both partners.

You can do thrusting penetration, relying on the penetrating partner to use their hips and legs muscles, or you can keep your bodies close and tight during penetration and rock back and forth or side to side.

The partner on top can have their hands on the bed, or can grab onto their partner's feet or legs for traction.

Pros of the Knees on Chest Sex Position:

  • If the bottom partners legs are together it can have the feeling of tightening during penetration.
  • Penetration is very deep, and you are physically very close during penetration.
  • It’s a good position for g spot stimulation.
  • This position is face to face and very intimate.


Cons of the Knees on Chest Sex Position:

  • The partner on the bottom has less control, most of the movement comes from one partner.
  • If the person being penetrated has a large penis (or is using a large dildo) it can be too much because of the depth of penetration.
  • The partner on top is putting a lot of weight on the partner on bottom, this may not be comfortable for a variety of people, particularly anyone with breathing difficulty.