Complete Guide to the Kiriakis Family Tree

Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Victor Kiriakis is the patriarch of the "Days of our Lives" Kiriakis family. The powerful brood made their debut in Salem three decades ago and was associated with legitimate businesses, like Titan Industries, as well as the underground criminal world. Victor has long been rumored as a key figure in the Greek mafia; a man who can turn absolutely ruthless on a dime. Remember, he once tried to kill his own son, Bo.

For actor John Aniston, father of Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Victor beginning in 1985, the role of family patriarch has been interesting. "When I started as Victor... I noticed people recognizing me, yet they were afraid to approach me."

No matter, Aniston has long loved the role. "Victor has softened over the years," he said. "But when I first started, he was this big crime boss. He was powerful and quite ruthless. The government, the police and everybody else had been after him for years, but no one could take him down."

Here’s a look at the complex Kiriakis family tree, which started with Victor's parents Yurgos and Sophie Kiriakis.

Victor Kiriakis Relatives

Via his affair with Caroline Brady, Victor is the father of Bo Brady. Bo married Hope Williams of the Horton clan, and they had three kids, Shawn Douglas, Ciara and Zack (who died as a child).

Bo and Hope, of course, became one a fan favorite couple on "Days of our Lives," a pairing that survived many twists, turns, conspiracies, and even the big "baby switch caper." Their romance ended with his death in 2015.

Shawn Douglas married Belle Black, and the couple had a daughter, Claire. 

Victor had an affair with Loretta Toscano that produced a daughter, Isabella (deceased). She married John Black and they had two children, Tate and Brady. 

Kate Roberts and Victor married and had three children, Philip, Tyler, and Parker Kiriakis. 

Victor's marriage to Nicole Walker, Vivian Alamain, and Maggie Horton did not produce children. 

Deimos Kiriakis and Ties to Victor

Victor also has a half-brother Deimos, father of Philip Kiriakis. Deimos reappeared in Salem in 2016 after decades in prison and became obsessed with Victor's ex-wife Nicole, who bore a resemblance to his lost love Helena. 

Deimos and Nicole become involved and plan to marry, but his involvement in her custody dispute with Chloe Lane over baby Holly (Nicole's' daughter who Chloe gave birth to via in vitro fertilization) drove Nicole away. Philip departed the show in 2016, Deimos followed soon after in 2017.

Alexander Kiriakis Family Branch

The late Alexander Kiriakis married Christina and had four children: Justin, Alexander, Victor (adopted), Joseph (adopted) and Jackson, known as Sonny.

Sonny Kiriakis went on to be one-half of Salem's first gay couple when he fell in love with and married Will Horton. Will was later murdered by the Necktie Killer. 

The Kiriakis' Titan Industries

Before his arrival in Salem, Victor launches Titan Industries, which includes Kiriakis Shipping and Titan Publishing. The shipping company has long been part of illegal smuggling in Salem, and most members of the Kiriakis family have worked for Titan at some point. The Kiriakis family wealth has always been built on Titan and Kiriakis Shipping's questionable financial dealings.