Kingdom Hearts 3 Cheats, Codes & Walkthroughs

Side quests, collectibles, and unlockables for KH3 on PS4 and Xbox One

The third entry in the Kingdom Hearts series brings your favorite Disney and Final Fantasy characters together for their biggest adventure yet. This walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts 3 covers all cheats, side quests, hidden bosses, Gummi ship blueprints, and unlockables for PS4 and Xbox One.

Information in this article applies to Kingdom Hearts 3 on all platforms.

How to Unlock Keyblades

Keyblades are unlocked by completing various tasks.

Keyblade How to Unlock
Classic Tone Complete all mini-games.
Crystal Snow Complete Arendelle.
Ever After Complete Kingdom Of Corona.
Favorite Deputy Complete Toy Box.
Grand Chef Achieve Excellent rating on all bistro recipes.
Happy Gear Complete Monstropolis.
Hero's Origin Complete Olympus Coliseum.  
Hunny Spout Complete The One Hundred Acre Wood.
Nano Gear Complete San Fransokyo.
Shooting Star Complete Twilight Town.
Starlight Complete the Keyblade Graveyard.
Wheel Of Fate Complete the Caribbean.
Ultima Blade Synthesize after collecting all seven Orichalcum+.

Orichalcum+ Locations

The seven Orichalcum+ required to forge the Ultima Keyblade can be found in the following locations:

Unlockable How to Unlock
Orichalcum+ #1 Find inside a chest on Exile Isle in The Caribbean.
Orichalcum+ #2 Find inside a chest when revisiting The Final World.
Orichalcum+ #3 Collect 80 Lucky Emblems.
Orichalcum+ #4 Collect 10 treasures in the Frozen Slider mini-game in Arendelle.
Orichalcum+ #5 Beat the Eclipse Galaxy boss.
Orichalcum+ #6 Get the high score in all Flantastic Seven mini-games.
Orichalcum+ #7 Receive as a random prize from the Moogle shop Postcard Raffle.

How to Fight Schwarzgeist

The Schwarzgeist is an optional boss that dwells within a green cyclone at the heart of the Misty Stream Galaxy. You can reach him once you have a Gummi ship with a speed of at least 200. Build a custom ship or unlock the Endymion ship by photographing the Endymion Constellation to fight Schwarzgeist as early as possible.

How to Unlock The Hundred Acre Wood

After completing the Monstropolis world, return to the Bistro in Twilight Town to receive a book from Merlin that takes you to The Hundred Acre Wood.

How to Unlock Ultimate Weapon Recipes

After obtaining at least 58 different synthesis items, visit a Moogle shop to unlock the recipes for the main characters' ultimate weapons.

How to Get Extra HP in The Final World

When you reach The Final World, collect 222 Sora copies for a permanent HP increase. Collect 333 copies to get even more HP.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending

Find enough Lucky Emblems to view the secret ending. The number of Emblems you need to collect depends on which difficulty level you chose.

Difficulty Level Emblems Required
Beginner 90 Lucky Emblems
Standard 60 Lucky Emblems
Proud 30 Lucky Emblems

Unlimited Prize Postcards

Purchase a single potion from the Moogle Shop near the save point in Traverse Town: The Neighborhood. When you walk outside, there's a 1-in-2 chance that you'll receive a Prize Postcard. Repeat this process to keep getting prizes.

Secret Prize Postcard Items

There are three items that you can only get from Prize Postcards. You'll only receive these prizes once:

  • Gourmand's Ring
  • Lucky Ring
  • The last Orichalcum+

Easy XP Trick

While protecting Boo in Monstropolis, hold off on using the Scream Strike to keep fighting an endless swarm of enemies. You can earn tons of experience points and gain levels quickly. However, you'll eventually get diminishing returns after you reach level 25.

All Battle Gate Locations in Kingdom Hearts 3

Complete the main story to unlock 14 Battles Gates, where you can fight strong enemies for rare rewards.

Battle Gate Location Difficulty Reward
Battle Gate #1 Mount Olympus, Realm of the Gods lobby 1 Star Fire Cufflink, Secret Report 1
Battle Gate #2 Mount Olympus, top of the Mountain 1 Star Cosmic Belt+, Secret Report 2
Battle Gate #3 Twilight Town, outside the Old Mansion 2 Star Evanescence Crystal, Secret Report 3
Battle Gate #4 Toy Box, Kid Korral 1 Star Mega Elixir, Secret Report 4
Battle Gate #5 Toy Box, Galaxy Toys 2 Star Thunder Cufflink, Secret Report 5
Battle Gate #6 Kingdom of Corona, the rock quarry 2 Star Illusory Crystal, Secret Report 6
Battle Gate #7 Kingdom of Corona, near the Forest Tower 2 Star Air Cufflink, Secret Report 7
Battle Gate #8 Monstropolis, Tank Yard 1 Star Illusory Crystal, Secret Report 8
Battle Gate #9 Arendelle, The Labyrinth of Ice 2 Star Evanescent Crystal, Secret Report 9
Battle Gate #10 Caribbean, The Huddled Isles 1 Star Water Cufflink, Secret Report 10
Battle Gate #11 San Fransokyo, North District in the daytime 2 Stars Ying-Yang Cufflink, Secret Report 11
Battle Gate #12 San Fransokyo, Central District 1 Star Blizzard Cufflink, Secret Report 12
Battle Gate #13 Keyblade Graveyard, Badlands 2 Stars Celestriad, Secret Report 13
Battle Gate 14 Keyblade Graveyard, Badlands 3 Stars Crystal Regalia

The Flantastic Seven Side Quests

Track down the Flantastic Seven to play mini-games for a chance to win rare items and abilities. They won't appear until you revisit locations you've already passed through. Look for crowns adorned with fruit protruding from the ground.

Flan Location Reward
Cherry Flan Mount Olympus, Thebes Overlook Sour Cherry, Formchange Extender Ability
Orange Flan Kingdom of Corona, the Forest Blood Orange, Treasure Magnet Ability
Strawberry Flan Galaxy Toys Rest Area Strawberry, Attraction Extender
Grape Flan Arendelle, under the Mountain Ridge Grapes, Unison Blizzard
Watermelon Flan The Caribbean, Port Royal Fort Watermelon, Focus Syphon
Honeydew Flan San Fransokyo, The City South District at night Melon, Attraction Extender
Banana Flan Monstropolis, The Factory Basement Banana, Grand Magic Extender

How to Unlock All Gummi Ship Blueprints

Unlock the blueprints necessary to build new Gummi ships by photographing constellations.

You can also purchase blueprints in Moogle shops.

Constellation Galaxy Location
Moogle Starlight Way Face the Toy Box and fly to the right.
Bomb Starlight Way Face Olympus world and fly to the right.
Cactuar Starlight Way Face the Kingdom of Corona and fly right.
Imp Misty Stream Warp to at Waypoint MST-01 and fly right.
Tonberry Misty Stream Warp to Waypoint MST-01 and then fly in the opposite direction you're facing.
Endymion Misty Stream Face the Caribbean and fly right.
Ultros Eclipse Face the Keyblade Graveyard and fly straight up.
Bismarck Eclipse Fly right of the Waypoint ECL-03 on the map. 
Omega Eclipse Fly toward the Bismark constellation, then turn left toward the border of the map and look for a cluster of green stars.

How to Unlock Bonus Gummi Ships

Beat Schwarzgeist to unlock two new Gummi ships: the Golden Highwind and the Schwarzgeist ship. Beat him with an A rank to unlock the Ultima ship as well.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophies

You'll collect many trophies as you play through the main story. Some require extra effort to unlock.

Trophy How to Unlock
Another Chapter Closed Finish the game and view the ending.
Classically Trained Get a new high score in every Classic Kingdom game.
Dreadnought Fully power up the Leviathan.
Hidden Kings Complete the Lucky Emblems section of the Gummiphone.
Leveled Out Raise Sora to LV 99.
Master Chef Earn an Excellent while preparing every type of cuisine.
No Stone Unturned Complete the Treasures section of the Gummiphone.
Synthesist Complete the Synthesis section of the Gummiphone.
Ultima Weapon Synthesize the Ultima Weapon.
A New Journey Begin your brand new adventure.
A Wish at Twilight Adventure through Twilight Town and complete the story.
An Act of True Love Adventure through Arendelle and complete the story.
Bishop Defeat 3,000 enemies.
Blademaster Obtain a Keyblade that is fully powered up.
Centurion Score at least 12,000,000 points in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead.
Clash of the Gods Adventure through Olympus and complete the story.
Cornucopia Collect every type of ingredient.
Datascraper Get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses.
Festive Dancer Score at least 70,000 points in the Festival Dance.
Full Course Earn your first Excellent while preparing cuisine.
Grand Mage Cast grand magic for the first time.
Happily Ever After Adventure through the Kingdom of Corona and complete the story.
Heartbound Use a link to defeat enemies for the first time.
Home Again Adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood and complete the story.
Inseparable Friends Adventure through Toy Box and complete the story.
Knight Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Know Thine Enemy Complete the Adversaries section of the Gummiphone.
Lasting Memories Hold on to 50 photos.
Making a Difference Adventure through San Fransokyo and complete the story.
Muscle Memory Get a new high score in one of the Classic Kingdom games.
One for the Books Complete the Game Records section of the Gummiphone.
Rook Defeat 5,000 enemies.
Salvager Use the Gummi ship to obtain 20 unique treasures.
Say Cheese! Snap your first photo.
Shield Shredder Score at least 600,000 points in Frozen Slider.
Stargazer Use the Gummi ship to find and photograph all the constellations.
Tall Enough to Ride Use an attraction to defeat enemies for the first time.
The Power of Laughter Adventure through Monstropolis and complete the story.
True Captain Sink 200 enemy ships in The Caribbean.
Way of the Pirate Adventure through The Caribbean and complete the story.
Thermosphere Destroy the Schwarzgeist, menace of the Ocean Between.
Flanmeister Complete all of the Flantastic Seven missions.
The Battle to End All Begin the final confrontation with Master Xehanort.
No Matter What Reunite with Kairi.
The Hearts Joined to His Gather the seven guardians of light.
Kingdom Hearts III Complete Master Unlock all other trophies.