King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals: Looking Back at the Originals

King Cobra Baffler Utility Metal
King Cobra Baffler Utility Metal released by Cobra Golf in 2004. Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf's very first club to carry the Baffler name was a utility wood the company issued in 1975, only two years after its founding. Cobra brought the Baffler name back in 1998, and in 2004 the company released the King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals family. Those are the clubs we spotlighted in the original report below, which we published in late 2004.

Buying Cobra Baffler Utility Metals Used

Since they came out in 2004, it's rare to see this specific Baffler model available used, whether online on in a bargain bin at a pro shop. Cobra has issued many Baffler-named fairway woods and hybrids, since, however, and those are plentifiul used. Cobra even offers it own listings on Amazon.

Here is the original report we posted at the time of the Cobra Baffler Utility Metals release, which is useful to look back on as a reminder of the state of golf club techology just past the turn of the 21st century:

Cobra Updates the Baffler (Original Report)

Oct. 21, 2004 — Nearly 30 years ago, Cobra Golf introduced a club that would become one of the most popular early utility clubs: the Baffler.

Now, the company is updating the brand with the new King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals.

The new Baffler is designed to promote the high launch angle, forgiveness and distance of a fairway metal with the playability and control of an iron.

The original Baffler, first launched in 1975, was very popular with golfers and in the retail marketplace. The new King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals are for golfers of all skill levels seeking to replace a long iron or irons with a more versatile and forgiving utility club that offers higher trajectory and longer distance.

"As more and more golfers understand and accept the benefits of utility clubs, they are adjusting their set compositions accordingly," said Jeff Harmet, president of Cobra Golf. "There is a distinct difference between a utility metal and a utility iron. The new King Cobra Baffler is a utility metal with features such as bulge and roll and a low and back center of gravity location for higher trajectory. We have significantly improved upon the original design."

The King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals are offered in four iron replacement lofts in men's, women's and senior models. The Men's and Senior Baffler Utility Metals are identified as 2/R (18 degrees), 3/R (20 degrees), 4/R (23 degrees) and 5/R (26 degrees), where the model number corresponds with the iron it is recommended to replace. The women's clubs are 3/R (23), 4/R (26), 5/R (29) and 6/R (32).

The combination of a contoured sole plate and low and back center of gravity makes the new King Cobra Baffler Utility Metal easier to hit than long irons from any lie and turf condition with a higher trajectory and superior carry distance, according to Cobra. The body of the Baffler is constructed of 17-4 Stainless Steel. A large face area features a thin, hot 465 Maraging Stainless Steel face insert, offering an expanded sweet spot. A high Moment of Inertia helps stabilize the club head at impact, designed to promote forgiveness and accuracy.

All Men's and Senior King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals are available in both right hand and left hand models with lightweight high launch Cobra/Aldila NV-HL graphite (65g/S,R, Lite) or Nippon NS950 steel (98g/S,R, Lite) shafts. The Women's clubs are also available in right and left hand and feature ultra lightweight Cobra/Aldila NV-HL50 (50g) graphite shaft. The stock grip for all King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals is Cobra/Golf Pride Tour Velvet.

The new King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals begin shipping on Nov. 1, 2004, with a suggested retail price of $180/graphite and $160/steel.