Teaching Kids About Veterans Day With Activities

Fun, Educational Kids' Activities to Learn About Veterans Day

Middle School students examining veterans' names on a flag
Photo by Barbara Sellers. Photo courtesy of U.S. Army.

Each year, Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11. It's a day set aside to honor and pay tribute to America's past and current veterans for their service to our country and the numerous sacrifices they've made and continue to make.

If you're searching for creative, educational ways to teach your kids about Veterans Day, the following learning materials provide a wide variety of activities for kids of all ages. However, don't limit yourself to these suggestions. Feel free to put a creative twist on one or more of these activities, or use your imagination to design an educational Veterans Day project. Here are a few projects to consider.

Veterans Day Activities for Kids

  • Veterans Day vocabulary: Find 10 words related to Veterans Day. When finished, discuss the words and their meaning with your child.
  • Veterans Day crossword puzzle: If your kids love crossword puzzles, this is an activity they're bound to enjoy.
  • Veteran's Day multiple choice activity: Challenge your child's knowledge of Veterans Day by having him or her complete a worksheet that features Veterans Day facts and then list three answers to choose from. To add an element of friendly competition, do this activity with them and see how many correct answers you can get.
  • Veterans Day alphabetical order activity: Find a worksheet that contains a word bank with 10 terms that are related to Veterans Day. Have your child write the words in alphabetical order. For an even greater challenge, print two copies and, after they've put the words in ABC order, have him or her write them again in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Veterans Day poetry and rhymes: Browse through a collection of poems and rhymes related to veterans and either read them to your child or have your child read them to you.
  • Veterans Day clipart: Choose from a wide variety of Veterans Day clipart that contains images of flags, eagles, colored ribbons, stars, crossed flags, and more.
  • Veterans Day door hangers: Print and cut these door hangers. Once finished, simply hang them on your doors to show your support and thanks for America's veterans.
  • Veterans Day draw and write: Let your children's creativity shine by having them draw a picture that they feel symbolizes or typifies Veterans Day. Once they've finished, encourage them to write about their picture and what it represents.
  • Veterans Day coloring flag: Find a patriotic image, for instance, or flag or a bugler, and entertain and educate little ones about Veterans Day by having them color the image.
  • Veterans Day coloring page: Have your child color a printout that contains a service member saluting. Add a caption that states, "We Salute Our Veterans."

Additional Veterans Day Projects

1. Have your children create a poster or collage about the servicemember(s) in their life. Encourage them to use their imagination by incorporating one or more of the following:

  • Photographs of loved ones that are currently serving and/or relatives or friends that have served our country in the past
  • Drawings of their loved ones and patriotic symbols
  • Clippings from magazines or newspapers that they feel conveys their message

2. Make a variety of Veterans Day cards. Then have your children present one to each of their relatives who are veterans and take the other cards and distribute them to veterans at nursing homes or VA medical centers.

3. Have your children pretend they're a reporter by creating a list of questions they'd like to ask a veteran. Once completed, encourage them to "interview" a former or current servicemember. This activity can provide a child with a lot of insight, especially if the veteran is a family member or close friend and doesn't mind discussing military service.

4. Make a patriotic dessert or bake a batch of cookies using military-themed cookie cutters. Once finished, give some to the veterans in your life or deliver them to the veterans in your local nursing homes.