Kick-Proof Baby Shoes

Babies love to kick, and they are especially good at kicking off their shoes. Here are a few brands and types of baby shoes we have found to withstand the kicks of even the most determined wannabe-barefoot baby.
A few general things to keep in mind when you begin to put your baby in shoes:

  1. Keep them as close to barefoot as possible. Stay far, far away from baby shoes that have a thick, hard sole. If you can’t easily bend the shoe in half, they are too stiff. Not only will they not stay on, they could actually be detrimental to your baby’s foot development.
  2. Make sure their feet have room to breathe. Yes, you need a snug fit to keep a shoe from falling off, but it should not be so snug that your baby can’t easily move their foot around inside of it. Look for shoes that are tighter around the ankle, but have lots of room around the toe area.
  3. Give your baby lots of shoe-less time. Baby shoes are too cute not to use for public outings, and during winter months you may need them for warmth. But when you're at home, make sure to give your baby plenty of barefoot time,  it's the best thing you can do for their developing feet.
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Soft-Soled Leather Shoes

Robeez and Bobux are among the most popular and well-known brands of soft-soled leather crib shoes, but you can even find some great handmade versions on Etsy. These shoes feature elastic around the ankle and a fairly snug fit, making them more secure and less likely to fall off. Plus, because they are designed to feel as close to being barefoot as possible, your baby will be less likely to be uncomfortable and want to get them off.

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High Tops

Shoes that go up above your baby’s ankle are less likely to come flying off in the middle of the grocery store or during your walks around the block. We are pretty much obsessed with Converse All Star Baby High Tops. Tie them up nice and tight and not only are they absolutely adorable, they stay on his feet really well.

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But not just any boots. They must have a soft sole or they will be so heavy they will fall right off. A velcro closure is key because you can get it nice and snug around the ankle. Slip-on, UGG-type boots are certainly adorable, but the slip-on style is harder to keep on a wiggly baby’s feet because there is no way to really tighten it at the top.

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ToggleToes Booties

Made from old sweaters, they are super cozy and warm and really do stay on thanks to a toggle closure around the ankle. These have become our go-to "shoes" for winter. 

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Tall Socks

Okay, so this one is not actually a shoe, but there are times when you just don’t have time to put shoes on a baby before running out the door. In these situations, tall socks that go up at least a couple inches past the ankle are a must.