Ken Solin

I'm Ken Solin, Dating Expert for The Huffington Post, AARP, and Maria Shriver. I'm stoked about taking over Senior Dating. I'm a boomer and I dated for many years before meeting my partner online. I'll share how we met so other boomers might benefit and meet theirs. I understand firsthand how difficult and frustrating dating frequently is for seniors and I promise to address the stumbling blocks with clarity, and realistic solutions.

I eschew tricks and gimmicks for dating because we're way past pop culture silliness. I'll offer my own extensive dating experiences and the real life dating experiences of the thousands of readers who comment on my articles instead. My goal is to encourage boomer daters and I hope readers will share their dating experiences. My new book, The Boomer Guide To Finding True Love Online. is available for preorder.

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I've been writing about boomer dating, sex, and relationships for a decade. One article in particular, why boomer men need to be emotionally honest with women, garnered more than 2,100 comments overnight from men and women in equal numbers. While women universally agreed with the article's premise, men mostly disagreed and listed fear-based reasons for rejecting emotional honesty with women. This topic warrants further exploration and I want to reassure women that I will continue recommending emotional honesty as a healthy dating and relationship path. And I'll share with men how being emotionally honest with women benefits men as much as women. 

My twenty-five years working with men in small groups has given me a unique insight into male behavior. I also offer date coaching for men and women. I counsel men individually to help them move beyond the issues that prevent them from fully enjoying manhood. These activities keep me current regarding the issues boomer men and women struggle with, including dating.


I studied English and History and received a BA from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1967. I also studied economics at City of London College in London, England, 1965-1966. 

Ken Solin

"Together, we'll create a workable dating scenario that will ultimately promote uniquely healthy, joyful, long-term relationships." 

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