Kellee Khalil

Kellee Khalil is the Founder and CEO of Loverly, wedding planning one-stop-shop forever changing the way brides and grooms plan weddings. 


While working in the wedding industry and simultaneously helping her sister plan her wedding, Kellee experienced firsthand the difficulty of making a wedding come to life. It seemed surreal that in 2010, there was no all-in-one resource where couples could easily plan their wedding. After moving to New York City and immersing herself in the city's technology community, Kellee fully committed herself to solving that problem. On February 14, 2012, she launched Loverly, forever changing the digital bridal landscape.


As the daughter of serial entrepreneurs, Kellee was driven for success from the start. She received her business degree with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. 

Prior to starting Loverly, Kellee had a rewarding career in finance and worked in the bridal industry as an East Coast representative for the boutique wedding PR firm, Be Inspired.

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